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Antidepressant drug list is common phenomenon in a pharmaceutical company but not including fluxetine in the drug list is quite negligent. This is a type of antidepressant that comes under Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor popularly known as SSRI because it is good for health and certain types of depression as it may poses some really toxic side-effects. One such example of side-effects of fluxetine is vomiting. This type of antidepressant is good for lethargy and obesity but it is not recommended for crippled patients. This antidepressant medicine also aggravates tizzy through a boost of energy and less food intake. This drug has it all and the best thing about this drug is it does not make people sleepy or weary.

Now if we talk about the patients with bipolar disorder the best drug to use and should be included in the list of antidepressant is sertraline should be included in the complete list and also it doesn’t affect patient adversely like other drugs and doesn’t create side-effects while uplift the patient through positive result. The drug’s powerfulness is much more useful when it is only taken after a meal. If a patient suffering from depression experience anxiety and sleeplessness, then the patient should take paroxetine. This type of antidepressant has properties that urge sleep and a sedative effect. Before using this specific drug on the list of antidepressants for old people you should know that it may impair normal body function and can affect memory of the person.

Since old age patients are more sensitive than any of the other age group, the drug venlafaxine should definitely be on the listed file of antidepressant drugs. This drug is very useful for mild depression in the elderly patients and it does not conclude in any kind of sexual side-effects. The antidepressant bupropoin should not be included in the list of antidepressant drugs for patients who are suffering from epileptic seizure, bulimia, and head injuries. However if the patient is also suffering from tepid epilepsy spells, if the patient is taking the drugs the chances of suffering from seizures is hugely expanded. Apart from this, the dosage should be determined which is quite hard and also enhances the sexual drive.

The drugs are a matter of concern some people abuse their right to buy the drugs. As these drugs are antidepressants they get it illegally and use it to get high which is considered punishable worldwide. The list phenomenon of antidepressant is a wonderful idea which gives us insight of which medicines are worth using while what to avoid that may create side-effects afterwards. For the reasons not unknown it is important to include medicines that may affect the elderly and not the youth is so that we can divide them accordingly. If you’re suffering from depression please consult your doctor and if you’re dealing with some side-effects then do let the doctor know. This kind of information is very important for research and clinical purposes so don’t forget to mention them.

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