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Birth control has become a topic of discussion for the past years, the reason behind it being the increasing population and mostly unwanted pregnancies despite accessibility of many contraceptives methods. Reasons pertaining the unwanted pregnancies are when researched, it was found that most woman who start birth control methods in a year, stop because of the shift in their insurance coverage. Another issue that surfaces are side-effects of some of the birth control pills. Contraceptive methods like IUCDS are mostly overlooked because of lack of professionals who can do the procedure of inserting it into vagina.

Doctors these days are advertising the non-contraceptive aid because it really helps in balancing your hormone androgen therefore it controls your sebum secretion which in turn reduces your acne. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is also beneficial for women who are over 40 years. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Many types of contraceptives are available these days like patches, iucds, diaphragm, vaginal rings and hormonal contraceptive pills. These all contains estrogen and progestin that helps in preventing pregnancy but if you are a breast-feeding mother please note that contraceptives with estrogen in it is very harmful for your baby. You can opt for progestin only pill but please consult your doctor before using any contraceptives during that time.

After an elaborate research it was found by Dr. Anita L nelson that if a diabetic lady gets pregnant there are increased risk of neurological defects and heart problems in the baby. Also a patient who gets pregnant at a very young age there are problems like pre-eclampsia as well as premature births which can lead to torrent of deaths of baby if not taken proper care.

Today’s market has been claiming some very new discoveries that may benefit patient from birth control.

  1. Seasonale- menses occur only 3-4 times a year.
  2. Loestrin 24 fe- major source of iron supplementation.
  3. Lybrel- stoppage of bleeding altogether for those who have bad cramps, migrane and anaemia.
  4. Yaz- relief from menstrual cramp with added bonus of beautiful skin.

No bleed pills are some other contraceptives that have been introduces some 40 years earlier that can stop the menstrual bleeding altogether and blocks the ovulation. As they work side by side.

In a research managed by the wyeth for the green light of the drug lybrel by the food as well as drug administration various women were withdrawn because they had issues like bleeding also it was seen that about 42% of the women has breakthrough bleeding after 1 year of taking it. Therefore it was recommended for test in pregnancy by the wyeth before consuming the drug for preventing pregnancy.
Another method was introduced by Dr. Susan Wood that is known as Plan B which was not approved easily which led to her resignation. The drug is named OTC that is an emergency contraceptive taken within 3 days of unprotected sex. OTC has been a success even without its non-contraceptive benefits.

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