Can Stress Cause Acid Reflux?

There are many instances in our life when you are under a lot of stress. It may be due to a job interview or during a presentation or any such tense moments. Some people may feel symptoms of acid reflux acting up during such times. Now many studies and surveys have highlighted that stress may be a trigger for heart burn. There are many effective techniques with which this can be managed and the stomach can be calmed down. It is believed that approximately 40 to 50 million people across the globe suffer from chronic acid reflux and the stress can further worsen the symptoms. The lifestyle of a person can play a role in how it affects them and the chances of an acid reflux.

The common symptoms of acid reflux are heart burn and regurgitation. Heart burn is a sensation which happens in the bottom of the chest and ribcage and can extend all the way up to the throat. On the other hand, regurgitation is the feeling of food coming back up into the chest even after it was swallowed.

It is still not confirmed that stress can increase the production of stomach acid. It is believed that during the stress the body becomes sensitive to the smaller amount of acid produced by our body. Although the patient`s report painful symptoms but no one reported any kind of increase in the total acid produced by the body while stressed out. The stress triggers chemical changes in the brain and it increases the sensitivity of the pain receptors. This usually means that even a low amount of acid in the stomach can make you feel worse. It is also known that stress affects the production of prostaglandin which is a lipid compound. This compound helps protect the stomach from being damaged by the acid. So, less amount of this lipid compound means more discomfort. It has been confirmed that practicing relaxation techniques can help reduce the symptoms related to acid reflux. It is always advisable to talk to the doctor about your medical history and also discuss the stress and digestive system symptoms. It is important if you experience acid reflux or if suddenly the symptoms get worse. You can carry certain exercises as such as yoga, tai chi, working out, listening to music, going on vacation, doing creative work to get relief from stress, talking with a friend, taking less task, de cluttering the surroundings, go for walks, get more sleep, and have more sex. There are various factors which can contribute to the stress anxiety, insomnia, depression, memory loss, moodiness, irritability, physical aches, heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.

You can try cognitive behavioral therapy if the above steps to reduce step do not work. They can help with the negative thinking which will in turn help reduce the stress. A small amount of stress is good to be focus and alert, however long time of continuous stress can have serious consequences.

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