Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

It is a neurological condition which affects the way they look around themselves or their perception. Patients may experience size distortion also known as micropsia, macropsia, pelopsia or teleopsia. People suffering from this syndrome can also have brain tumors, migraines. If you are using psychoactive drugs, it can also cause certain side effects. Some of the common side effects of Alice in Wonderland syndrome are straight lines may look wavy, three-dimensional objects may look flat, faces may look distorted, colors may look extra bright, body parts may look bigger, closer, smaller or even farther away than they really are, objects and people may look stretched out, some of the things may change colors or even tilt to the side or colors may look extra bright.
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Can Stress Cause Acid Reflux?

There are many instances in our life when you are under a lot of stress. It may be due to a job interview or during a presentation or any such tense moments. Some people may feel symptoms of acid reflux acting up during such times. Now many studies and surveys have highlighted that stress may be a trigger for heart burn. There are many effective techniques with which this can be managed and the stomach can be calmed down. It is believed that approximately 40 to 50 million people across the globe suffer from chronic acid reflux and the stress can further worsen the symptoms. The lifestyle of a person can play a role in how it affects them and the chances of an acid reflux.
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Early Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Ups and downs are a part of everybody’s life but, when you have a disease like bipolar disorder; it becomes really hard to manage. Bipolar disorder can damage your academics, job, and relationships. In short, it can mess up your entire life. Though the bipolar disease is treatable, but a lot of people tend to ignore its early symptoms and therefore, fails to get the help or treatment they need. And the worst part is if not treated in time then it gets even worse. Therefore, you might as well know what the early symptoms of the bipolar disease are. After all, prevention is better than cure.
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Home Remedies for Anorexia

Anorexia, known as Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder which is associated with severe weight loss. It is a psychological disorder which has more to do with the mental aspects than the physical aspects. There are several symptoms that this disorder might bring about. They include mood swings, avoiding social interactions, chronic fatigue, low blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, dry skin, depression, brittle nails, hair loss, and pale skin and so on.
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Natural Treatment Options For Fatigue!

Fatigue is a troublesome thing to oversee, as it is such an unclear side effect or condition. There’s physical weariness, fatigue, emotional fatigue as a side effect or as an infection all by itself. There is a decent chance of having hidden therapeutic condition creating fatigue, for instance low glucose or depression, and this should be addressed before you can want to keep away the fatigue. Yet, in the event that you haven’t possessed the capacity to pinpoint the reason for your weariness (and obviously you’ve had it looked at by a specialist) it can regularly be followed back to various propensities and ways of life that appear to tend to create in the current world. In the event that you think that it’s dogging your strides and dragging you down don’t sink into depression, there are a lot of changes you can make and common cures you can use to fight against fatigue successfully.
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How To Deal With Depression!

Being discouraged can make you feel powerless. You’re most certainly not. Alongside treatment and some of the time pharmaceutical, there’s a great deal you can do all alone to battle back. Changing your behavior - your physical action, way of life, and even your mindset - are all common depression medicines.

These tips can help you feel better - beginning right at this point.
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Antidepressants and Weight Gain

Every drug has some associated side effects and the worst side effect caused by antidepressants in weight gain. Some antidepressants cause major weight gain. Many people struggle from depression and hence, are on variousantidepressants. Some of them cause worst side effects and hence, the people who take antidepressants for the very first time must monitor their weight during the course of taking antidepressants. If they witness any amount of weight gain, they must consult their doctor right away to prevent the occurrence of any serious issue.
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How To Carry Out Your Day Efficiently

How to function during the day is dependent on your health. Your productivity levels can be high or low depending on how well you maintain your body and handle tasks given to you. If you unable to complete as much tasks as you used to before then you are less productive and you need to find what the problem is and fix it before you become unproductive altogether.
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Can You Buy Risperdal Over The Counter?

A typical antipsychotic, Risperdal is mainly used for treating schizophrenia and in combination with other medicines are used for treating bipolar mania. The generic name is Risperidone and this medicine has to be used with caution as it causes many complications. The drug is not given for treating elder people having mental disorders caused by dementia. This is because it raises the risk of death.
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Antidepressant Drug List

Antidepressant drug list is common phenomenon in a pharmaceutical company but not including fluxetine in the drug list is quite negligent. This is a type of antidepressant that comes under Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor popularly known as SSRI because it is good for health and certain types of depression as it may poses some really toxic side-effects. One such example of side-effects of fluxetine is vomiting. This type of antidepressant is good for lethargy and obesity but it is not recommended for crippled patients. This antidepressant medicine also aggravates tizzy through a boost of energy and less food intake. This drug has it all and the best thing about this drug is it does not make people sleepy or weary.
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Should I Weigh Myself Daily or Weekly?

Many people wake up each morning and one of the first things they do is weigh themselves. While this does work well for some people, here are a few reason why weighing yourself weekly may (or may not) be a better option for you.
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Importance of Physical Fitness

When we take into account the importance of physical fitness is many times greater and it contains ability of people to communicate and behave. The body language of a person is representative of his physical health and many exercises are devised for this purpose. Physical health is a proper field in medical sciences and many doctors are doing researches in this field. However, the result of researches of every scientist and doctor is different, but relevant in the sense that balanced physical health and exercise is required by everyone who wants to be successful and maintain a healthy body that passes physical fitness test.
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