Diseases for Which Kamagra is Effective

Kamagra is the generic and the major component of the medicine Sildenafil and it is used in most of the medicine which are involved in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary and arterial dysfunction. There are many other diseases against which Kamagra has been found to be effective. Basically it is a very useful and effective drug. It has been found to be very effective in many diseases as well. However there should be a precautionary measure while using this medicine. Kamagra should not be taken without proper prescription of the doctor. An overview of the disease against which it is found to be effective is as follows.

As a treatment of sexual disorders

The primary function of Kamagra sold under the generic name of Sildenafil. The primary action of this medicine is found in the disease of erectile dysfunction. It is basically the disease in which the person is unable to experience the complete erection to the level of satisfaction and cannot complete the intercourse. However as an effect of this medicine, the erectile dysfunction problem has been solved and now people can get the erectile dysfunction treated well. Presently this medicine is considered as the standard treatment for the erectile problems. This medicine is taken along with the ones of diabetes mellitus.

In case of pulmonary and arterial hypertension

Kamagra is a very effective medicine in case of the patients suffering from the problem of pulmonary hypertension. In this disease, the arteries and capillaries of the lungs contract and relax at a greater speed, thereby raising the pressure and level of blood in the lungs. If this situation continues for a prolonged time period, then it may result in the bursting of capillaries and this high blood pressure may also be disseminated along other areas like heart and the surrounding arteries. The mode of action of this drug against pulmonary and arterial hypertension is that it helps in improving the markers of this disease in many people. However its side effect in causing the risk to life has not been observed yet.

Against sexual dysfunction induced by anti-depressants

There are some situations in which the sexual dysfunction arises as a result of intake of certain antidepressants. This situation has been observed in certain males. Certain evidences have been found regarding the usage of this medicine and a tentative experience of many patients shows that this medicine is quite effective in treating the sexual dysfunction which arises because of the antidepressants. Although this is not a metabolic or inborn disorder, yet it can be cured by the medicine by working at the cellular level and thereby achieving the treatment at the level of ligand binding by the medicine.

Usage against height phobia or altitude sickness

There are certain people who experience the problem of height sickness or altitude sickness. The basic reason behind this disease is that there is certain abnormality in the pulmonary parts of the body and if the situation continues to prevail, then it may result in the problem of pulmonary oedema. Sildenafil has been found to be very effective in especially treating the problems related to pulmonary oedema directly and height sickness indirectly. However in case of treatment of this disease, the after effects of the medicine are not known and have not been fully comprehended yet.

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