Dispelling The Misconceptions On Asthma

Feeling breathless that you have to gasp for air frantically is what Asthma is all about. While it sounds fairly simple, it is not necessarily so and can prove to be quite dangerous if not attended to in time. And yet, you would find that there are quite a few myths floating around on the effects of Asthma, some more positive than others. Let us take a look at some of them.

Saving the inhaler until it is really required

This is a very common misconception where the patients wait for the attack to worsen before using the inhaler. Inhaler for the Asthma has to be taken as and when you feel an attack coming up or as per the dosage given by your physician. The inhaler will not stop functioning after you puff it out for a few times. The medicine will continue to work the same way as before until its expiration date. If it doesn’t, then you need to check with the doctor to change the dosage or the medication accordingly. Do not save the inhaler for a time when you have the worse attack.

If you don’t feel the airway clearing then your inhaler is not working

Another common myth where patients believe that you will feel instant relief upon taking the inhaler! Well, you would feel instant feel of the airway clearing, if you are taking the reliever kind of inhaler like the albuterol. In case you are taking the inhalers of the preventive type, then the medicine will work slowly, reducing the inflammation in the lungs, and ensure that you are saved from the constant asthmatic attacks. Steroid inhalers fall under the preventive category. There are also inhalers that act both ways.

Steroid inhaler can cause hair fall, obesity and thinning of bones

It is true that steroids when taken in high dosages can cause these and much more damage to our body. But what we need to remember here is that steroid inhalers have very less quantity of steroid in them and hence the chances of you suffering from hair fall or thinning of bones is close to zero. It will directly reach your lungs and help improve your breathing immediately. Failure to taking them as prescribed can lead to severe attacks when you will have to forcefully take a heavier steroid dosage.

Only the young ones are affected

It is true that children are more prone to getting affected by Asthma but it doesn’t mean that Asthma never attacks adults. While many asthmatic patients have the condition from their childhood there are also patients who fall prey to this illness after they turn adults. People who often smoke or inhale it passively are also easily prone to Asthma.

Asthma never results in fatality

If you do not pay the necessary attention to the asthmatic condition then it does have the potential to kill you. While it may not be the case often, you need to be careful while dealing with it. Whenever you suffer from any symptoms of Asthma, get medical attention immediately.

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