How to get rid of Dry Eyes naturally

It usually happens when the eye does not have enough lubrication. It is mostly provided by the tears. This is also known as dry eye syndrome and can lead to many complications if not treated in time. If you have this condition, you may feel a stinging or burning sensation in the eyes, mucus in the eye, eyes stick to each other, redness, sensitive to light, blurred vision, sensation in the eyes, unable to drive at night and eye fatigue. It is a chronic and progressive condition and may not be completely curable depending on the severity. It can be caused by both medical and environmental factors. It can increase the chances of eye infection and damage to the surface of the eye. There are many home remedies and eye drops or gels available to help with this condition. However, if you are using gels and ointments, do consult your doctor about the same. We will look at some of the home remedies for this condition.

Washing the eyelid

Cleaning the eye few times in a day can help with any inflammation caused by the dryness. We tend to rub our eyes a lot when they are dry. This can lead to inflammation. Use a baby shampoo and apply it to the eye. You should massage the eye and the eyelids and clean it off with warm water. It can provide relief if done once or twice a day.

Castor Oil

It contains ricinoleic acid, which works as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps reduce irritation, pain and burning sensation. It also reduces tear evaporation hence keeping the eye moist. You can buy a hexane free castor oil and place one drop of the castor oil in each eye. Do this twice in a day to keep the eyes moist and reduce the redness.

Warm Compress

Using warm compresses can help with the dry eyes. It increases the blood circulation and increases the formation of tears. It also provides relief from the symptoms. Warm some water and soak a clean cloth and place it on the closed eyelids for up to 10 minutes. In the end clean the eye with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day until all the symptoms subside. Make sure you do not use very hot water for this.

Omega 3s rich foods

Fatty acids can be very beneficial for this condition. It reduces the inflammation in the body and increase tear production. It also has many fat molecules which keep the eye healthy. You can either take omega 3 supplements or include fatty food rich in omega 3. Do not take any supplements without consulting the doctor. Some of these foods are almonds, fish oil, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, and sesame seeds.

Coconut oil

It is a key product which can help with the dry eyes. It contains fatty acids, which can act as a layer which helps with the evaporation. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce any discomfort caused by the dry eyes. You can place a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil on your eyelids and remove it after 15 minutes.

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