Our Relationship With Nature

Life on earth is sustained by the natural elements including the earth, air, water, fire and ether. We do not realize normally realize the importance of these natural gifts and taken them for granted. In the olden days, people had realized the value of life and the nature’s bounty which made their life on earth possible and livable. Therefore it was but natural that they worshipped forces of nature as gods. This system was prevalent with most of the old civilizations across the earth. When you sit down to think about the seasons that bring about the changes in nature allowing for growth of food and abundant water that is required for human sustenance, we realize that we have much to thank for and be grateful to nature.

Take the same thought a little further and you will come to realize that we are cutting at the root of our own existence by causing environmental pollution and global warming. Not many people are able to understand that the Tsunami and floods across various parts of the world, the melting of ice from glaciers and flooding the rivers etc are but the direct impact and consequence of our actions.
It is time we learn to respect nature and protect it and thereby protect ourselves. People all over the world feel that the cost of health and medical treatment is increasing day by day. What we do not realize is that we are the root cause for increase in ailments amongst people. If you try to analyze the root cause of every malady that is striking the world, you will realize that they are a direct result of our transgression against nature.

Developing countries are the ones that suffer the most as they run industries and factories that give rise to industrial pollutants and do not have adequate legislation and technology to deal with the industrial wastage.

However, health issues are on the raise in all countries including developed countries even though the environment is clean. Take the case of asthma and similar chronic inflammatory diseases of lungs. Asthma is a global problem and effects people of all ages. There seems to be no specific pattern that is specific to the developed or developing nations. Asthma is said to be caused mainly due to genetic and environmental factors as well as triggered by the allergens.

Severely asthmatic people have got to watch out and avoid the environmental conditions that are likely to aggravate their asthmatic attacks. Accordingly, keeping their home and office clean of dust and allergy causing elements is very important. At the same time, the asthmatic people have got to ensure that they keep stock of albuterol or other medication as prescribed by the doctor handy. It is always helpful to keep the nebulizer and adequate stock of albuterol at home, carry in the handbag as well as in the car and at office. Asthmatic students and children should be equipped with inhalers containing the prescribed dose of albuterol packed in their bags and ready for use at all times. The attacks can come on and block the respiratory passage within a few minutes, causing chest congestion and suffocation. In some cases the asthmatic attack can turn fatal too if not treated immediately. Therefore it is important to administer albuterol immediately so that within few minutes albuterol can effectively relax the muscles in the airways and provide relief. So, you can buy albuterol inhaller when you notice the symptoms of asthma.

Asthmatic patients have got to have reverence for the doctors as well as for their environment. We mean that the patients have got to follow the doctor’s advice and prescription thoroughly and strictly. By reverence to nature we mean that they have got to maintain a very clean environment around them, avoid agents that can cause allergy, reside in warmer climates where the air quality is pure and free from chemicals or other pollutants. All of this comes down to worshipping the natural elements and environment and showing respect and maintaining the nature’s precious gifts.

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