Plan To Win And Not To Lose

If you have a young child in the family who is asthmatic, it is but natural that you as parents are going to lose your sleep over the problem. Asthma is a very difficult health problem to be managed. What you can do to help is to keep abreast of all information that is available, the treatment options and learn as much as you can about managing the condition. Very often the patients will need assistance and it is important that the close family who is around and looking after the patient be familiar with the dos and don’ts to be able to provide necessary care and assistance.

Building awareness of asthma and learning all about management and treatment of asthmatic patients is the first step that you should take up and invest your time in understanding all issues. Work out a systematic approach to learning about diagnosis of the condition, the symptoms, what happens during an asthma attack as well as identifying the factors that can trigger asthma in the patient. More over it is important to also know what kind of medical attention and care is required to be provided to the patient in normal times as well as in case of emergency.

Going into the details of medication prescribed to control as well as to manage the asthmatic condition is an important exercise that you should do as the care takers. When it comes to medication, there are long term medications as well as quick relief medication that the doctors prescribe. Advair Diskus is one such medicine that is prescribed by doctors to control the inflammation. Advair Diskus is prescribed as a long term treatment and not for immediate relief. However it helps to know how this drug works and to know what to watch out for.

It is quite likely that your chest and throat muscles will get weaker due to Asthma attacks as well as due to infections or reactions to regular medications including Advair Diskus. To retain as well as regain your strength of the chest muscles as well as throat muscles, you should consult a yoga practitioner and follow the breathing techniques combined with physical exercises. Yoga and meditation techniques are very effective in helping you gain your physical strength as well as give you the mind and body balance.

There is no reason why you should feel defeated with every attack. Meditation will teach you that you are not the body, but the soul. Asthma can only affect your body but not the real you. This understanding will open the door to healing and gaining strength to counter Asthma.

There are several cases of patients in the orient who have gained victory over Asthma by following alternate and complimentary methods for building body resistance and immunity. Following medication strictly and ensuring that you inhale the daily dosage of Advair Diskus as prescribed by your doctor is one aspect of your treatment. The second aspect has to do with dealing with your body and strengthening it to fight the after affects as well as increasing your immunity. The third aspect has to do with understanding, accepting and overcoming your limitations and learning to life a fuller life without compromising your quality of life.

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