Right Attitude Towards Managing Asthma

We are living in exciting times no doubt. Man is already moving towards space walk and moon landing for recreation. Internet and telecommunication has brought the entire world together erasing the borders and boundaries in the virtual world. Medicine and research has made great strides and advancement. Today we have proven and established treatment for most of the maladies that plague the global community. Cholera and malaria have almost been eradicated from the face of earth.
With all of the comforts and luxury, can we really say that we are living a better quality of life than our predecessors? The answer varies from person to person. People generally feel that our lives have become complicated and fast paced. On the health front, there are many lifestyle diseases that are fast becoming epidemics. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, Blood Pressure, Heart ailments, Asthma and other allergies have become part and parcel of our lives.

Management of lifestyle diseases and other chronic conditions like asthma calls for holistic approach. On one hand it is absolutely critical and important that the asthma patients follow the treatment as prescribed by the doctor and take their medication regularly. Generally the treatment for asthma involves regular usage of Albuterol for immediate and fast relief. Albuterol provides relief within a few minutes of inhalation and frees the air passage by relaxing the muscles in the air passage. Therefore it is very important and essential to carry Albuterol with the inhaler or nebulizer at all times. In fact Albuterol with the inhaler has to become a constant companion of the asthma patient and should be with the patient at all times. Apart from Albuterol, the long term medications like corticosteroids and others as prescribed by the doctors should be consumed strictly as per medical advice.

Apart from medication, managing asthma as well as other lifestyle diseases calls for a combination of alternate treatment options and medicines too. In most cases, lifestyle changes too become necessary in order to contain, prevent and manage the health conditions. It is important to understand that medications deal with the symptoms and helps control or manage the disease. However, our endeavor has got to be to reach the source of the problem and effect cure from the source.

Yoga and Pranayama have become globally recognized as effective system for maintaining and managing a healthy body and mind. The different limbs of Yoga deal with different aspects of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the body, mind and soul.

Asthma weakens the chest and respiratory muscles and affects the airflow or respiration in the body. The imbalance of breathing causes toxins to build in the body which ultimately can affect all organs as well as the energy and vitality of the body.

Specific Yoga asanas or postures help in releasing the tensions in the air passage and lungs and strengthen the muscles. Yoga asanas also help remove the toxins from the body and activate the vitality and functioning of the specific organs. Specific pranayama and asanas help increase the airflow and improve the oxygen content as well as improve the circulation and energy flow in the body.
Ideally the patients should build a daily regimen of Yoga asanas, pranayama combined with meditation to calm the mind and relax the body. On the whole, the body and mind become stronger to resist the asthmatic attacks. However it is always important to ensure that the required dosage of Albuterol and the inhaler is within the hand’s reach for fast relief in case of a sudden onset of Asthmatic attack.

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