Penisole is a 100% natural and safe product that will permanently and safely enlarge your penis size upto 1-3 inches in length and upto 25% in girth.

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Penisole for male sexual dysfunction treatment

Sex is a natural desire and it arose in every man and woman after getting hormonal changes in the body. Marriage is a better way to fulfill this desire with your specific person. Enjoyment in the sexual intercourse depends that how much both persons are interacting with each other. Dysfunction problem in any of them can create problem in sexual intercourse and serious sort of problem can occur in their life. This product is use to minimize the male dysfunction problem and increases the sexual desire. It is known as the male enhancement supplement which is easily available in the market. This product manufacturer ensured the users that it works very effectively and enhance the libido, sexual performance and make sexual intercourse very intense. Male organ receives better results after the use of this medicine by getting growth and tightness. This medicine is made from the natural and organic ingredients which are not harmful for the male′s health but provides strength for penis in sexual experience. This medicine is made from ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Satavari , Makardhwaj Kavach Beej, Shilajit , Vidarikand , Akkal Kara, Trivang Bhasma, Bhasma Swaran Mashik, Saffron , Shudha , Khursani Ajowain, Salampanjo and these components are not easily available in such type of the medicine. These constituents are use for increase libido, testosterone building and it is also known as overall tonic of health. This medicine works by making the blood flow easier in pelvic region which makes erection of the penis harder. On the other hand this drug also supports the long time erection and decrease the chance of premature ejaculation. Overall this medicine is safe for use and there is no any side effect is recorded from the user′s side. The recommended quantity of this medicine is 2 pills in a day and brand is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover it has too many advantages as it is manufactured by naturally organic matters and no any special precautions are required. No any side effect is reported and user can get free pills on some specific quantity of drug. On the other hand, its each ingredient is not easily available and no any guarantee or clinical studies are provided. Manufacturer is also unclear and seems it might be dangerous for liver and kidney patients. Users should keep this medicine away from approach of the children and should not overdose than the recommended quantity as it might be harmful for health. There is no any side effects is recorded but user should immediately contact to the doctor in case of any emergency or in any unusual condition. User should ask from doctor before start of this medicine because it cannot be used for treatment of any sexual disease. In short this medicine has too many advantages with zero value of side effects. In this way, couple can enjoy their sexual intercourse with better results.

Drug Uses

The purpose of the Penisole is to make the penis enrage. It can enlarge the penis 25% in girth and from 1 to 3 inches in length.

How Taken

Basically it is 2 pills after food intake, but talk to doctor for best prescription.

Missed Dose

It is not a big deal if you miss the dose, skip it and do back to your regular schedule. Don’t take double dose if you missed the dose.

More Info

Penisole stimulates very strong blood flow which gives extra blood in the penis and this event cause enlargement of the penis size and length and it became very strong. Also we have many benefits over here: high sex drive, increased sperm production, treatment of impotence, more and more intensive orgasm, strong sexual stamina, big head size and other.


Keep it away from children in a dark place (be reasonable).


The written info is just general, it doesn’t cover all precautions or directions. We don’t take any responsibility of the accuracy and reliability of the data, and don’t take responsibility for any damage. If you are specific patient you should not rely on it.

Possible Side Effects

There are no any side effect have been declared.

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