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Rogaine (Minoxidil) is used for encouraging hair regrowth in patients who are experiencing gradually thinning hair or gradual hair loss on the top of the head.

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Rogaine - re-grow your hair by using it

Rogaine, also known as minoxidil, is used by both men and women to re-grow their hair. Now this medicine actually works is not shared by the pharmaceutical company but it is very effective in working. One supposition regarding its working is that it may dilate the blood vessels on scalp and thus improves the function of hair follicle. However, rogaine is highly recommended by the doctor to baldy people. Rogaine comes in two forms that is solution and foam. Effectiveness of both forms is same. It depends upon person that what kind of rogaine he or she wants to use. Normally people go for the use of solution as it is easy to apply and it penetrates deep inside the skull which means better results in less time. Prevent the use of rogaine if your scalp skin has irritation, sunburned or damage. In such a condition, apply rogaine will be dangerous for your skin. Your damage skin will absorb more solution which will increase the chance of getting severe problem. Rogaine is specially made for the skin of your scalp. Application of its solution to other parts of body may be harmful for you. Avoid such things which can create another problem for you. Moreover, do not apply any other product on scalp while applying this solution. This may be harmful for your skin. For pregnant women, it is necessary to apply rogaine after asking a professional doctor. It is not clear if it passes to breast milk or not. Its use for Under 18 year old children is only recommended with a doctor′s advice. Ask your health advisor if you want to use it for your children.

It has been noticed that when people start using rogaine, they apply more solution to speed up the growth of hair. This is very dangerous and may cause severe problem for your scalp. Only apply the recommended amount of solution and wait for the next scheduled time. Until then keep yourself busy in other activities and do not think much about your hair. Over thinking also effects the hair growth so it must be prevented as much as possible. A leaflet comes along with the medicine on which all guidelines and instructions are printed. Every patient must read it before starting its use. In addition, patient should also contact his doctor if he has any ambiguity regarding any instruction. It is better to follow the instructions carefully rather than getting and treating side effects caused by wrong use of rogaine.

How the patient should apply rogaine? It is very easy to apply it. First completely dry your hair and scalp. You can use hair dryer for this purpose. When hair and scalp get dry, apply the recommended amount of rogaine on those areas where hair loss is prominent. Normally doctors ask their patients to apply it twice in a day. Don′t forget to wash your hands before applying it. New hair growth is a time consuming process and may take 4-5 months.

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Rogaine is used for encouraging hair regrowth in patients who are experiencing gradually thinning hair or gradual hair loss on the top of the head.

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