Common Problems Faced During the Winter Season

Winter has come, and the living has become more and more difficult, be it hair, skin, or the nails. Chilly winds, dry weather and colder temperatures are some of the most crucial culprits for our hair and skin. Apart from making the skin dry and uncomfortable, this winter season also tends to drive out most of the moisture from the skin and makes it prone to cracking and itching.

Winter Season

So, in this article, we will be discussing some more problems which this winter season brings along with it.

  • Rough and Dried Skin

It is a very common phenomena in the winter season. But, there are some really easy tricks which can help you to prevent a dry skin in the winters. Just make a mixture by mixing a few droplets of olive oil or seed oil in your bathtub and take a nice shower after it. You can also add some cups of whole fat milk in your bathing water and take a bath with it. This mixture has an adequate quantity of proteins, vitamins and fats which help in soothing the skin and prevents it from drying. Apart from dryness, red and irritated skin can also be treated by using an oatmeal bath and applying a considerable amount of thick cream after it. It will fill up all the pores of the skin, preventing moisture loss and will not allow the skin to get dried up.

  • Rough and Dry Hair

Hair also needs some special care during the winter season. Shampooing every other day will result in dry and rough hair, since it extracts all the moisture from the hair and makes it rough and dry. Hence, you should wash your hair every other day with water and conditioner, as it maintains a proper balance of the moisture content in the hair. Apart from this, one of the most committed blunders during the winter season is the blow-drying. You should always avoid blow-drying and brushing when your hair is wet, since it exerts uneven forces on the hair locks and causes it to break. In order to have softer and moisturized hair, apply a few droplets of olive oil on your hair and comb it with a wide comb, so as to prevent breakage.

  • Cracked and Rough Heels

Nothing is more disturbing than a pair of cracked and rough feet during this winter time. Although the most common option would be to get a pedicure by the salon, but, you can save yourself a lot of money by using some cool homemade tricks which will show very positive results. You can easily get rid of the rough feet by scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone, which helps to shed off the dead and rough skin. Apart from this, you should regularly moisturize the heels with a thick moisturizing cream. It has been seen that the skin losses a prominent amount of moisture during the night time and hence, it is advised to wear soft cotton socks while going to sleep. This traps the moisture of your heels and will prevent it from turning rough and dry. Apart from trapping the moisture, the socks also makes your feet sweat a little, which, in turn, increases the moisture content of the skin of the heels.

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