Does Asthma Have A Cure?

The question of asthma having a cure has been posed by many individuals for a long time now. Asthma which occurs as a result of allergens pollutants and a host of other causative agents causes airway inflammation, tightening of the bronchial muscles and obstruction of the bronchial passage through mucus restriction. A cure has not been found yet, but managing the problem is very possible through various treatment methods. A person living with asthma might not be able to live the same type of life like other people, but this does in no way affects the quality of live that can be lived. There are ways to ensure that an asthma attack is prevented, continuously managed or temporarily treated to improve the health of the individual.

Asthma Cure

How To Prevent Asthma

Preventing asthma is always better than having to treat it, and for that to happen there is the need for an action plan; this could include all the medication that needs to be taken as well as the triggers that need to be avoided. It is also possible to monitor the changes in the size of your airway using a peak flow meter, and should be done when in contact with triggers. This plan should always be followed to the latter and the GP notified of any changes; once a year is a good time to do this. It is necessary to know how an inhaler can be used properly, and this should be done with the help of the GP.

How To Use An Inhaler

This depends on the type of inhalers that has been prescribed. There are the pressurized canisters, which are used by spraying the medicine directly into the individual’s mouth. This can be used with a space to make things easier. The patient has to make sure that the mouth is firmly attached to the canister’s opening while pressing the top region to release the medicine; this is to ensure that nothing gets out. A spacer can be used with this to make things easier; it is a container to hold the air, so the patient has enough time to breathe in the medicine.

Dry powder canisters are not used by people who cannot breathe in forcefully, as this is the principle with which it works. This means children, senior citizens and people who constantly have breathing problems will not be able to use this method.

Long Term Treatment Methods

Long term treatment methods are only necessary when the quick relief or preventive inhaler has no effect. This method helps the person living with asthma live a normal life without overly worrying about triggers that could start up another attack. The treatments usually have to be taken consistently which is at least on a daily basis. Some treatments even have to be taken two or more times daily. The treatment methods always depend on the severity of the asthma attacks and often times allergens of the patient are also taken into consideration.

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