Effects of Domestic Violence and Inequality on Child's Mental Health

Child's Mental Health

Environment plays a major role in shaping up of a balanced lifestyle as well as physical health of an individual. A serene and harmonious environment contributes to a great extent in the development of both heart and brain, especially when children are taken into account. The regular dilemma in children’s mind is resulting from daily brawls among their peer group or between parents which further destroys the harmony and peace at their respecting houses. Witnessing inequality along with physical or sexual abuse taking place between the parents, sometimes get the child into an utter dilemma, thereby compelling them to thrive in a volatile environment jam-packed with ample amount of tension and anxiety.

A child’s brain is supposed to be made of mud which can adapt to all the shapes incurred during the base years. Whatever happens in the surrounding a child tends to develop the same, irrespective of being good or bad. For instance, if a child gets exposure to a stressful environment, he/she tries to integrate all the dominant negativities which create an imbalance in their mental stability. Mental issues such as anxiety and depression create a negative impact on the children further turning them into victims of emotional, physical and psychological concerns. This further leads to aggression or docility along with a vast range of emotion like shame, guilt, depression, sadness and anger.

Consequences of inequality and abuse at home

Home is the very first place where a child starts to learn and know things. Thus it can be termed as the first school so as to acquire the basic conduct and behavior from the homely atmosphere. Abuses on mothers by the men of the houses are quite common these days. Children witness those abuses or criticizing sessions which are generally harsh, thereby starting to acquire isolation, depression and also insecure within their own selves. Eventually, they start losing respect for their mothers who seem to be powerless and emotional wrecks, thereby getting detached from their mothers. This further leads to the development of affinity towards their disrespectful fathers who signifies strength to them. All of these pave the way for the creation of depression, mental disorders, and anxiety which makes their nature more vulnerable, especially while coping up with school problems and interacting with their fellow mates.

These children with such mental instability become easy bullies during their growing period. This happens because of their vulnerability as well as the surrendering nature to a different kind of violence. Children who are victims of such situations tend to become aggressive individuals mainly the male children who start gathering a belief that they belong to the superior members of the society; therefore their female counterparts should be exploited. Unfortunately, these children start to have faith in the fact that violence in the form of abuses is the sole way to get out of problematic situations.

In modern times, gender discrimination is one the prominent causes of crimes committed against women. Women get deprived of their rights like rights to adopt a healthy lifestyle, education right, and social respect. These deprivations slowly affect them psychologically, thereby isolating and alienating them from the society.

Pursuing professional help

As we know a home must make one feel the safest and most secured. Inequality and domestic violent not only creates regression in the environment we live in, but also affect growing children psychologically, distorting their mental stability. After all the crimes committed and witnessed, people should take steps against such injustice, thereby promote mutual respect as well as gender equality. National and international communities, institutions and authorities can collaborate with each other so as to bring about desirable changes in the society, standing up for the all those victimized women out there.

Therefore, it is essential for the parents to understand their children’s point of views as they tend to get affected very easily by all those activities that they experience at their homes. A peaceful mind and a healthy lifestyle are crucial for each and every person surviving on this planet.

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