Home Remedies For Fistula in Mouth

Right before knowing the home remedies for fistula in mouth, it is worth knowing about the disease and its symptoms. Oromaxillary fistula is nothing but an irregular passageway which is created in between the nose sinuses on both sides. Such passageway is seen to be generating in the roof of the mouth itself. It could be a birth defect as associated with cleft palate. Right after removing the tooth or generating from infection or some kind of trauma, fistula may take place. This infection may occur at the root of the teeth and gum. The pocket of tissues then fills up with pus causing severe pain and sensitivity. Pus creates due to bacterial infection and gradually results in decay and wearing down. When there is untreated, overlooked cavities Fistula in Mouth may occur.

Fistula in Mouth

Home Remedies to Treat Oral Fistula

When such condition occurs, one should be visiting the dentist or the oral expert right away. However few home remedies help in improving the condition. Below few remedies are illustrated.

Clove Oil: Clove is wonderful a choice in killing the bacterial infection. Clove oil is known the relieve pain instantly. Brushing teeth slowly and gently with clove oil helps in getting rid of the infection also maintains good smell in mouth for considerable time span. You can also use one or two drops of clove oil into the cavity hole to improve the situation.

Peppermint Oil: When you are not, having clove oil you can go for peppermint oil only to get rid of the pain. Such oil has magical effect.

Oregano oil: such oil is wonderful immune booster, comes with effective anti bacterial and anti fungal effect. It will be helping you to kill infection speedily thus improving your immune system. You will be healing up quite properly. When you are having fistula or other tool ailments, applying oregano oil turns out to be best always.

Oil Pulling: This root back in ancient time as pulling is all about taking out the toxins. It’s basically Ayurvedic medicine where organic coconut oil is used to perform the oil pulling. This method is reliable for its anti bacterial properties but you need to make sure you are not swallowing anything. It’s better to spit out after 10 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar: If possible, go for real organic ACV or something which is home made. You need to swish it in your mouth for few minutes and spit it. ACV helps in disinfecting the bringing down the inflammation.

Draining The Abscess: When you are thinking about doing this, you need to be highly careful as you have to be extra cautious. You need to prick the place where the boil is and then drain out the toxic pus of the abscess. You have to be watchful the pus must not go through your throat. The pus contains infectious bacteria.

Raw Garlic: taking garlic and clove and mashing them together and applying the juice on the affected area and lips. This juice helps in killing the infection and eases the pain thus boosting immunity.

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