How to ease the Side Effects of ADHD Drugs in Adults

Adults suffering from ADHD are treated with stimulant or non-stimulant medicines to bring their focus and concentration back in track. But, both kinds of those medications to treat ADHD have mild or severe side effects depending on the individual. Here are a few tips to come over the possible side effects of ADHD drugs:


Common Side Effects and How to ease with:

  • Nausea

Taking medicines just after food or with food would reduce the tendency of feeling nauseous. If it is scheduled in the morning take it after breakfast or something you like to eat in the morning.

  • Losing appetite

This is a common side effect of certain drugs. Do not ever skip meals or food while on medication. This can lead to lower your blood sugar level. If you lose appetite and feel uneasy to take large meals at a twice a day try to have it in small quantity but more in times. Include protein shakes and dine late in the evening till the medicine worn completely off.

  • Headaches

Taking your medicines in empty stomach or getting it in dehydrated condition causes headache. Try to have food and plenty of water before medications or consult your doctor to re-schedule the timings of doses.

  • Dry mouth

Drink enough of fluids through fruit juices or water. You can also use lozenges if it is permitted by your doctor.

  • Dizziness

Fluctuating blood pressure level and overdose of medicines might be the possible cause of dizziness. Check it with your physician to re-order the doses if needed.

  • Moodiness

At start with ADHD medications sometimes let you be tense and cranky. But, the side effect may fade out in due course. If moodiness persist for a long time you may have to change the medicine or adjust the doses. You should consult your doctor at the earliest.

  • Trouble sleeping

Certain medications have stimulus effect and in turn you can feel hard to sleep. Take your medicine as early as possible to worn out its effect before you go to bed. But, if it is a sustained release medicine, the tips of taking it earlier wont work. Consult your doctor to prescribe a medicine that release faster than the present one. Avoid intake of caffeine through coffee, tea or other beverages. Live a calmer and comfortable life. Listening light solo non-rhythmic music like flute etc or reading books is the best way to turn you cool at bed. Do not spend much time with TV or Computers before you are going to bed at night.

  • Tics

Some habits you had in your childhood like to make repeated movements or sounds may be surfaced during the therapy with certain medicines. It is a secondary side effect that was underlying within you. Take your conscious time to handle it. It may fade out over time. If not consult your doctor.

These therapy with ADHD medication is still practiced in trial and error method. Some patient response better with some medicines and some are not. Let your doctors have some time to try it. Don’t be impatience. You should discuss with your doctor about your previous medical history. Let him know all the issues you might have like heat disease, mental health issues, high blood pressure or sugar, addictions etc. to treat you better.

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