How To Get Rid Of Blisters On Face

A blister is known to be a pocket of fluid which houses under the skin because of injury, freezing, friction and many other reasons. Blisters may occur on any part of the body, however, blisters on face is where the major problem crops up. Popping up a blister, on the other hand leads to a number of problems for it could leave a big scar on to your face, and sometimes even infection.

Although blisters signals the way of your body of repairing your skin and protecting the same from infection, the occurrence of blister on to the face is a problem itself. Most blisters on the face tend to go away within a period of seven days, however you can even ward off their occurrence before this time period. This could be done by taking into use some of the most natural and easiest home remedies.

Blisters On Face

The following are the ways which are considered to be the effective home remedies for the treatment of blisters:

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is considered as a natural healer and is used for the treatment of blisters. The healing properties of this plant reduce inflammation to an extent. Aloe Vera can even ward off the minor blisters and can further prevent them from growing large. Use aloe vera gel on the affected areas on a daily basis and get rid of blisters as well as its scars.

Zinc Ointment and Petroleum Jelly:

A mixture of zinc ointment as well as petroleum jelly could be used on to the face in order to get rid of the facial blisters. The same is believed to heal the problem of facial blisters in no time. In order to use this remedy, you are merely required to combine zinc ointment with petroleum jelly after mixing both the ingredients well. Thereafter, you are required to apply the mixture on the affected area. Leave it for a period of 10 minutes and rinse off using cool water. This mixture could be stored for long.

Garlic Oil:

Garlic oil could be applied both on your face as well as other body parts in order to get rid of blisters real quick. Although the fragrance of garlic oil could annoy you, the same could be used as one of the most effective remedies for the treatment of blisters. You can further mix a few drops of organic garlic oil with essential oils in order to prevent the bad odor. Massage the oil on to the affected areas and rinse off using cool water.

Tea Tree Oil:

Just like garlic oil, tea tree oil could also be used on to your skin in order to get rid of blisters on your face. Tea tree oil comprises of a great medicinal value and this is the reason it is used as a treatment for a majority of skin problems. The cooling effect of tea tree oil helps to reduce the problem of inflammation on the blisters and treats the latter at the quickest. Mix three drops of tea tree oil with one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply on the affected areas and let it rest for a period of ten minutes. Wash off your face using cool water.

Try these home remedies now and say goodbye to blisters.

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