Natural vs. Albuterol, What Is Best To Treat Asthma?

Asthma Inhalers

Asthma, a common respiratory disease where there is a feeling of breathlessness, wheezing and coughing. Estimated 350 million people in the world suffer from asthma and the 350,000 die from it annually. Asthma is caused when the walls of airways in a person’s lungs contracts due to tightening of muscles and deposition of mucus. Constricted airways reduce the amount of air that can pass through it causing chest tightening and chest pain.

Asthma is an incurable disease. Usually, the two main factors causing asthma are genetic reasons and environmental factors. If there is a family history of asthma, then there is a 25% chance that a newborn in future generations will have asthma or develop over time. Also, allergens smoke and dust contained in the air breathed in can cause asthma. Low-quality air and high ozone levels can cause asthma-like symptoms or even increase the severity of asthma.

Treatment of Asthma

Treatment of asthma is mainly done through Albuterol inhaled through Measured Dose Inhalers or inhaling an Albuterol mist created by Nebulizers. Other than medication there are many natural ways of treating asthma. Changing food habits and using air purifiers when at home can help to get relief from asthma naturally.

Medication vs. Prevention

Prolonged use of Albuterol in the treatment of asthma can be more damaging than being beneficial. Albuterol is known to cause headaches, dizziness, and insomnia. Albuterol users have reported suffering from dry mouth and throat problems and sometimes diarrhea. It is also known to cause a runny nose and makes the user feel nauseatic and have a sore throat.

Asthma can also be treated naturally. Many people suffering from asthma around the world prefer to go natural for getting relief from asthma over using drugs. As asthma is caused by allergens in the air, using air purifiers and air filters in ACs can go a long way in ensuring that the air being breathed in is pure and free from any allergens and pollutants that may aggravate the condition. Pets though cute and harmless can involuntarily aggravate your condition due to their furs so staying away from pets will surely be a natural solution to prevent those attacks.

If you are an adult then you ought to go out on the open road for your job or any other reason, remember to use masks which have filters and can stop harmful asthma pro-chemicals and smoke in the air from entering your body. Inhaling clary sage essential oil can relax the respiratory muscles and open up pathways for air to travel freely. Cod liver oil has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce asthmatic tendencies. Avoid foods with additives like monosodium glutamate and food colors.


There are more natural and preventive ways to treat asthma than going for drugs right away. It is advised that you may try the natural solutions first as they are almost always free from any side effects which is again almost always present in drugs. Natural methods may be a time taking method to cure, and drugs may give you instant relief, but when treating something incurable as asthma, it is always recommended that you take it slowly.

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