Optimize Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol level is an important thing for human body but it should be optimized. Many of the people do not take care about their cholesterol level and it become too much high with the passage of time. If a person spends too much time on chair while doing some office or any other work then this problem happened in such people. This problem directly related to heart problem and it can be prevented by controlling cholesterol level. Some exercise and proper healthy diet can help to attain the proper cholesterol level and safes the men body from illness. Many of the people cannot imagine the idea of cutting back the burgers and sandwiches because enjoyment is not perfect with these items but on the other hand it is recommended to use very rarely, if men have plan to live long. This simple sacrifice can give you a healthy life away from diseases. Actually Cholesterol found in our cells of body and blood stream looks like soft and waxy. It works in many of the functions like hormone making, production of cell membrane and vitamin D etc. body can make all of the cholesterol according to the need. Some of the cholesterol is made by the liver and cells and other 25 percent cholesterol comes from food. When its level exceed in blood from a level then it become too much dangerous for health. Extra amount of the cholesterol become contaminated on arteries walls and in this way heart puts more pressure for blood flow due to narrow path. As a result, some sort of stroke and heart attack can happen. Now a days, men’s health is highly affected due to this problem and statistical data shows some of the women too who are suffering from such problem. But men are in greater number with heart attack problem than women that is why controlling of cholesterol is a serious issue for them. Cholesterol level is measured through blood stream without the food, liquid and any medicine. Three measurements have to be noted in these test (1) Total Cholesterol Level, (2) Low density lipoprotein (3) High density lipoprotein. Total Cholesterol level is recommended from 200-239, LDL is 130-159 and HDL is 35 to 60. Above than these recommended level, men are considered at high risk of heart attack. In this regard people should go for cholesterol check up in every 2 to 3 year so that it can be controlled at the initial stage. Usage of too much junk food increases cholesterol level and it increases the risk of obesity, genetic disorder, thyroid gland and diabetes. It is important to change your life style and diet if you want to control your cholesterol level. Controlled diets have fewer amounts of the saturated (Solid at room temperature) fats like butter, lard and red meat. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) level increases with the use of unsaturated fats (Liquid at room temperature) like olive and vegetable oil. Men can also use some medicine for lowering the cholesterol level in body.

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