Alesse (Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl estradiol) is one of the most effective methods of birth control. Alesse does not give any protection against HIV infection (AIDS) and other STDs.

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Man of the couples tries to control the birth of the child because of the limited resources or some other reasons. For this purpose, many of the techniques are available in market and use of the medicine is one of them. Alesse is the same kind of the medicine which helps to control the birth of the child by preventing the hormones of the women which are responsible ejaculation of the eggs from the ovary. On the other hand it is also provide support the barrier by creating the hindrance for the sperm. It changes the lining of the uterine, cervical mucus and ovary conditions to prevent the eggs from fertilize with the combination of the sperm. In contraception it also help to stop the pregnancy and helpful in many of the cases which might be not given in list. It is important that women should not take this medicine if she is pregnant of having a plan for pregnancy. After these main issues there are many of the other reasons which are not suitable as blooding clotting, high blood pressure, eye or kidney problem, vaginal bleeding and liver cancer. Here is an alarming situation for the smokers who are more than 35 years and some other patients like heart attack, uterine cancer and ever had jaundice due to the use of such kind of pills. If there is a possibility that it might be difficult to continue after the first dose then it is better to have some other sources to control the birth as by using condoms or spermicidal. But in case of some gap in allesse use, you must contact to the doctor before use it again. Patient need to take this medicine regularly because missed dose may become a reason of pregnancy. Its effects might be reduced if patient use some other medicine along it as for seizure, hepatitis C, antibiotics, HIV/AIDS or barbiturate sedatives. The use of this medicine in pregnancy time periods may create some sort of complications in the baby. If women recently gave the birth of any child then she should not start it immediately but should wait for four weeks. Some of the problems are given in the following which does not allow the use of allesse as problem in eye or kidney, blood circulation disturbance, live disease or cancer, heart diseases and high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroids, smoking in more than 35 years age and blood ejaculation from vaginal. It may be harmful for baby if women are using it in breast feeding period. In the discussion of usage method then it is better to use according to your doctor recommendation but generally patient should not use it in too much large or less quantity. One pill of this medicine is generally recommended on daily basis and missed dosage may turn you into pregnancy, every pack have about 28 pills which are enough for one month. Be attentive about bleeding if you are having more than the regular. Contact immediately from your doctor.

Importance of Birth control

Simple methods to follow in birth control program. These methods are so much effective in controlling the population of world. People should have knowledge that 3-4 children are coming in the world. This is the main reason due to which population is kept increasing. This high population is very necessary to control because many problems are related to it. People of many African counties are wondering for food. They are becoming the part of war to get the food. This is very bad of for our world. Some people have question that what can we do for them? The best thing that we can do is the use of birth control methods. These techniques and methods can give them a hope of life. The saved food of Asian and European countries will automatically use by African people. I shall strongly suggest to all people that only produce two children and take a control on birth rate.

birth control pill Alesse

Now I am going to discuss some birth control techniques which you can adopt to prevent the fertilization process. Some methods are for women and some are for men. They both can play an important part to maintain the balance in population and food. First of all they should consult with those people who work in family planning center. They will guide you in a better way to use the specific method of birth control. The thing that you should keep in mind that adopted method should easy to use and has lesser side effects.

Some methods which you can use to control the population of world are given. First of all I shall tell you about the techniques adopted by the women. Those women who want the permanent solution of birth control may use the surgical method. It is quite expensive that is why most of the women do not adopt this technique. The other names of such techniques are contraceptive pills, use of vaginal ring and female condom. Well, if we talk about the contraceptive pills then you will come to know that these pills are abundantly available in market. You can buy it from any medical store or from the online shops. The prescribed dose of contraceptive pills will act as a barrier for sperms. It will stop the fertilization process and no baby will born.

Let me tell you about the vaginal ring. A vaginal ring is a polymeric drug releasing device used on the vagina. It releases the hormones and drugs which are effective in forming a barrier to prevent fertilization. In short, we can say that every method is effective in some sense. It depends upon your choice that what method you choose for yourself. Do not forget to consult with your family doctor regarding family planning. He/she will guide you very well. If you will act upon the advice of your family doctor and use the birth control methods then you will be able to keep happy your next child. A break is necessary between the births of child.

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