Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) is an antibiotic combination containing a sulfonamide antibiotic and is used for treatment of infections caused be certain bacteria.

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Drug Uses

Bactrim is prescribed to treat certain urinary tract infections; for children severe infections of middle ear; severe bacterial infections for adults and also long lasting bronchitis; travelers diarrhea in adults. Bactrim is very effective to treat pneumonia, and to prevent pneumonia in people with poor immune system. It is easy to use, effective and safe drug.

How Taken

It is highly recommended to drink plenty of water (fluids) while taking Bacrtim (to prevent stones formation in the body; to prevent sediment in the urine). Take Bactrim as your doctor prescribed, and for the best result take it at the same time each day (evenly spaced times day and night). Try to not miss any dose. There are Bactrim in tablets and suspension one, and you need special measuring spoon for suspension (ask your pharmacist).

Missed Dose

Do not take 2 dose at once to make up the missed one. Drink it as you remember, and skip it if it's almost time for the next dose.

More Information

In general Bactrim is an antibiotic (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim). The brand names are: Bactrim, Septra, Septra DS, Bactrim DS, Sulfatrim Pediatric. Bactrim may cause sunlight sensitivity, so avoid sun, take all necessary precautions (wear protective clothing; use a sunscreen ad so on). There are complicated and not complicated urinary diseases and in both cases Bactrim is very effective to fix and treat the problems. Get the generic Bactrim. It is confirmed and widespread medication of this class.

Possible Side Effects

Usually there are no side effects. The most common side effects are: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, appetite loss, any sign of skin rush, fever, sore throat, peeling, slow heart rate, weak pulse, chills, body aches, flu symptoms, less urination than usually (sometimes not at all), feeling short of breath, easy bleeding or bruising, feeling restless or irritable, seizure, confusion and other. Contact your doctor if any of these or other side effect disturbing you.

Can Antibiotics Fatten You?

It is not unusual if you get a prescription for antibiotics while suffering from any kind of infection. But could the pills you are consuming be responsible for weight gain? Many lives have been saved by antibiotics due to its power of neutralizing the dreadful pathogenic substances in our body. However, it has to be realized that antibiotics cause more harm than being good, as they aim at a disease in the same way a nuclear bomb aims at a person. Antibiotics trigger more accidental consequences than expected, because they result in the destruction of a wide variety of micro-organisms that in fact play a role in our well-being.

The Bad Side Of Antibiotics

Bacteria has existed always in cohabitation with good microbes present within our body for a long time, although this phenomenon is varying now. Over the last 80 years, due to the rise in antibiotics, several good bacteria have been destroyed together with bad ones. For an instance, the advantageous bacteria which play an important part in the metabolism of nutrients and minerals and digestion of food are getting uncommon.

Which Bacteria Are Affected By Antibiotics?

According to scientific research, Helicobacter pylori, a good bacterium present in the human intestine is vanishing. The pylori bacterium was found in everyone’s intestine during the 1900s. Today, below 6% of American kids have this useful bacterium in their body.

How Bad Are Antibiotics?

Mixed blessing is exact description of the pylori bacterium, as it can cause ulcers and gastric cancer. These diseases have become uncommon along with the bacterium, with the start of antibiotics. Although, scientists also noticed that kids who are short of the pylori bacterium are more likely to suffer from skin allergies, hay fever and asthma. This is all just about one bacterium, so the negative influence of antibiotics on all the other useful bacteria present in our body can easily be anticipated.

How Do Antibiotics Fatten You?

The Pylori bacterium triggers two hormones which regulate the hunger. These two hormones are: (1) ghrelin- which allows the brain to sense your hunger, and (2) leptin- which signals the brain when your stomach is full. When the balance of these two hormones is disturbed, your appetite will possibly be misbalanced as well. As a consequence, an increase in the usage of antibiotics has been related to a steep increase in obesity.

The Disheartening Truth About Obesity And Antibiotics

For all those who are suspecting the fattening aftereffects of antibiotics, they ought to realize that farmers frequently inject their cattle with antibiotics, solely for the purpose of fattening them. Farmers know that fatter cows turn into huge profits for their trade and business purposes.


If you really want to use the antibiotics, talk to your health care provider about the ways in which the adequate balance of bacteria can be restored in the body. If you are obese or overweight, then you should keep a check on the bacterial level periodically, after undergoing an antibiotic therapy.

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