Bactroban (Mupirocin) is an antibacterial and is used for treatment of skin infections. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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This medicine is also an antibiotic and it’s containing many of the constituent with the different percentages. If you consider the 1 gram of the Bactroban then in this quantity 400mg of polyethylene glycol, 20mg of mupirocin with the 2 percent of the mupirocin ointment which is blended with the water ointment base etc. You can stop this medicine in case of any unexpected problem like peeling, itching, skin irritation and blistering or any other side effect which is not given into the followings. This medicine offers the treatment of impetigo which is caused due to the S.PYOGENES AND S.AUREOUS. This medicine have to be applied on the infected area three times in a day and if required then area should be covered with some dressing. Patient should do the same exercise with this medicine and wait for three to five days for treatment otherwise contact to the doctor. There are very fewer side effects are reported on this medicine as according to some percentages 1 percent side effect was reported in nausea, dry skin, rash or swelling problem and 1.5 percent was due to pain, burning or stinging. Some of the allergic problems were also being reported like urticaria, generalized rashes, anaphylaxisand and angioedema. It would e very dangerous for your eyes so keep this medicine away from the eyes. Clostridium difficile that is responsible of the diarrhea which becomes and turns into fatal colitis has also been recorded due to the use of anti biotic and Bactroban is also included in those medicines. If any time CDAD infection is confirmed then patient have to stop the use of this medicine. Different parameters like protein supplements, surgical evaluations and treatment of anti bacterial C. difficile should deal with the clinical indications. If a patient has hypersensitivity from any of the component of this drug then it is not allowed to use it.

Keep Skin Healthy - Sunburn and Acne

Acne is a condition of the skin whereby inflammation of sebaceous glands takes place in the skin. This inflammation or infection causes the appearance of pimples, which are usually red in colour on the face. It is usually experienced by people in their teen ages.

Acne is a common condition of the skin and if not taken care of immediately and properly, it can intensify thereby ruining the face texture and beauty.

The following are the common tips for preventing and treating acne:

  1. Make sure your face is always kept clean. This is actually advisable to people who have this skin condition or not. Wash it thrice a day to get rid of unwanted substances such as weak and dead cells.
  2. Moisten. Reduce peeling of the skin and dryness by moisturizing every day. Moisturizers come in different forms: for dry, combination and oily skin.
  3. Only use valid or certified acne products. These products contain different chemicals which alter skin operations in different ways. Try using the best one there is in terms of your range of affordability.
  4. Do not apply makeup in bulk in one session. Avoid applying all the components of make up at once. If you do apply makeup, make sure you remove it by washing.
  5. Stay keen on what products you apply on your hair. Different chemicals that are applied on hair have reactions when the hair comes into contact with the face. Wash oil off your hair and tie your hair at the back. Keep it away from your face.

A sunburn is the state where a there is inflammation of a person’s skin, reddening, blister formation and in some serious cases, the skin peels off. This usually happens when a person is overexposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Sunburns cause a great deal of pain and cause harm to your skin.

The following are the methods one can use to easily counter sunburns:

  1. Bathing in water. Once you experience sunburn, it is very important for you to take a bath. In your bath water, you can apply a handful of baking soda. Bathing soda is a good counter agent for a skin with sunburn.
  2. Apply Aloe Vera. The sting that is experienced once one gets sunburn can be minimized by the use of the thick gel that an aloe Vera plant produces. The juice from the Aloe Vera plant causes constriction of blood vessels.
  3. Smooth compression. Use a cloth soaked in cool water. Use the cloth on the burned parts of the skin. Make sure the cloth is always wet. Discomfort is eliminated using this method.
  4. Drink lots of water. This is the simplest methods of countering the effect of sunburns. Dehydration is reduced and the healing process is enhanced.
  5. Soak yourself in clear water. The water should not contain any additives. Avoid using soap.
  6. Moisturize. Moisturizing helps the skin not to dry off since the brning also caused drying of the skin.

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