Clomid (Clomiphene) is used for treatment of female infertility and other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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The Generic name of the drug is Clomiphene.

Clomid is manufactured in a shape of tablets.

What are Clomid tablets for?

Clomid is a medication used to increase the chance of getting pregnant. It helps women to ovulate during their cycle. The advantage of Clomid compared to other similar treatments, does not increase your chances of having multiple babies if taken alone. A chance of having twin babies may occur in 5 out of every 100 women who use this medication. Rarely Clomid is prescribed to men with low sperm counts.

What should I inform my health care provider about before taking this medicine?

Inform your physician before taking the drug if the following may apply to you:

  • you frequently use alcoholic beverages
  • you suffer from blood vessel disease or blood clots
  • you have cyst on the ovary
  • you suffer from diabetes
  • you have liver problems
  • you suffer frommental depression
  • you have ovarian neoplasm
  • you are a smoker
  • you experience vaginal bleeding
  • you may have an allergic reaction to Clomid's components
  • you are pregnant or breast-feeding

How is the medicine taken?

Clomid tablets are taken orally. Follow the prescription provided by yourphysician or health care professional. Swallow the tablets with some water. Take v exactly the directed number of days. Take your medicine at the same time every day to avoid forgetting taking it. For most women Clomid is prescribed for a 5 day period, but the duration of treatment may vary for every certain woman. Your physician or health care professional will provide you with an exact start date for this medication and follow-up. Never take your medication more often and in higher doses than directed.

This medicine should be used by adults only.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

It is very important not to miss any dose during treatment. If you happen to miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember about it. If too much time has passed, contact your physician or health care professional for advice.

What drugs interact with Clomid?

  • any herbal or dietary supplements (DHEA ,cohosh, black cohosh, or chasteberry),
  • prasterone

Inform your physician or health care professional about all medications you are using, including medicines sold without prescription, supplements, or herbal products. Also inform your physician or health care professional if you frequently use drinks containing caffeine, alcoholic drinks, if you are a smoker, or if you use poppers. These may influence negatively the way your medicine works. Consult your health care professional if you stop or start any medicines.

What side effects may cause Clomid?

The following are serious side effects you should report to your physician or health care professional immediately:

  • sickness and vomiting
  • severe abdominal pain
  • pelvic pain
  • shortness of breath
  • sudden changes in vision
  • eye sensitivity to light

Side effects which usually require medical attention only if they persist are the following:

  • difficulty sleeping
  • lightheadedness
  • irritability or nervousness
  • changes in menstrual periods
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • breast discomfort
  • hot flashes
  • increased sweating
  • mild pelvic discomfort
  • mild sickness

What I should be informed about before taking Clomid?

Visit your physician or health care professional for regular monitoring of your progress.

Your physician may need to examine your hormone levels in blood or may tyell you to use certain home-urine tests to ascertain the response to Clomid.

Stop taking Clomid immediately and contact your physician or health care professional if you think you are already expecting a baby.

Best Things To Know About Clomid

Numbers of health diseases are increasing very rapidly and a great number of people are becoming their victims. We know that the causes of health problems have increased very much e.g. water and air pollution. Doctors are trying their level best to solve all kinds of medical problems but some health issues are those which are difficult to resolve. Sexual problems are some of those health problems which have become very common in people. Both men and women can become the victim of sexual problems. The less production of sperms is considered as sexual problem in men while less production of ovules is considered as sexual problem in men. Both kinds of sexual problems are treated with the help of medicines. Here we are going to discuss about the sexual problem of women caused by the less release of hormones required for ovulation process. Many women do not conceive because of this sexual problem. Now, the women suffering with this problem can use a medicine called as Clomid. Clomid is easily available in medical stores. The generic name of Clomid is clomiphene. The generic name of a medicine is used by professional doctors and chemist. This medicine is sold under both names in market. If you are facing difficulty in finding this medicine by its brand name Clomid then you can call it by its generic name to buy it.

Different doses of Clomid are available in stores but you must only buy that one which is prescribed by the doctor. If you are one of those women who are victim of this sexual problem then you must contact your family doctor immediately. It will be better if you talk to a doctor who has better knowledge about dealing with sexual problems. In your first meeting with doctor, the doctor will ask you about your health condition. He will also ask about the medicines you are using and health problems you are facing. These both things play an important role in the selection of right medicine for infertility treatment. It has been seen that more than 80% women treat their infertility problem with the use of Clomid. The use of Clomid is not restricted to European countries but it is now being used in every part of the world. Since the victims of infertility due to less hormones release have increased very much that is why its demand has also raised. In some countries, Clomid is being sold by another brand name Serophene.

There are some cases in which you must consult with your doctor first before taking this medicine.

  • If you know that you are going to pregnant
  • If you are suffering from endocrine disorder or have live disease
  • If you have endometrial carcinoma and uterine fibrous
  • If you are suffering from severe medical diseases

The use of Clomid can cause very harmful effects for your body so you must make sure that your doctor is agreed on taking this medicine otherwise do not take it.

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