Doxycycline is a medication used for the treatment of some infections. It may also be effective for prevention or inhibition of the progression of anthrax.

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Different kind of bacterial action can be treated by the use of antibiotics. Doxycycline is one of the tetracycline antibiotics and helpful to cure the different sort of infection such as intestine infection, gum problem, gonorrhea disease and infection in eye and urination. On the other hand it is also suitable for the treatment of bumps, blemishes and acne which is produced due to the rosacea but not suitable for facial redness which produces due to the same reason. Similar type of the medicine is also favorable to cure and offer prevention from malaria, anthrax and some infection which caused due to ticks and mites. This medicine is not recommended for the children younger than 8 years old because their tooth turns into yellowish color permanently. Patient should avoid this medicine if he has any kind of allergic problem with this medicine or with its ingredient. Medicine is available in different phases as in capsule, pills, syrup and suspension form. Once in a day is recommended and use a penalty of water with it. In case of any problem with stomach, you may take this medicine with glass of milk or meal but it reduces the medicine effect because medicine does not absorb properly from patient stomach. Syrup should be shacked gently before each time of use and follow the instruction of doctor carefully. Start this medicine before one to two days before when you have planned to go in malaria affected area. And continue to use it for four weeks after coming back to home but never use it for more than 4 month. Do not suddenly stop this medicine but continue it for a time after the recovery and gradually stop it with the doctor advice. There is no any special diet plan to follow along this medicine except when doctor recommend you.

This medicine is available in three does i.e. 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg. The amount of dose being recommended by the doctor depends upon the health condition of person. If the person is strong enough to bear the high potency medicine then doctor may prescribe him 200 mg dose otherwise doctor will either prescribe 50 mg or 100 mg. Normally doctors prescribe their patients to use 100 mg because it has least side effects. The chances of getting side effects increase as the potency of medicine increases. For example, if a person is getting 200 mg dose then he might get side effect rather than a person using 100 or 50 mg dose. However, your doctor must have an idea about your health condition so that he can prescribe you right dose of right medicine.

It is important to tell you again that this is an antibiotic so your doctor may prescribe the same medicine for multi-purposes. If you have any ambiguity regarding this medicine, do not hesitate to ask your health care provider.

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Treat your bacterial infection using Doxycycline

Man has made many devices so far in this world and these devices serves in many ways in daily routine work. If look over the medical field, then we come to know that many medical products have been made which can be used for the treatment of different health diseases. There are different kinds of health problems which are caused by the unserious attitude of people towards their health. For their treatment, different ways are employed in which the use of medicines and surgical treatments are common. You might be familiar with numbers of medical problems which are caused by bacterial infection. There are many ways through which the healthy person can get bacterial infections. In daily life, the person touches different things which contain bacteria and through touching the person can get many bacterial infections. If in a case, you get any sort of bacterial infection then what medicine will be the best for this purpose. Well, there are many medicines which have been made for bacterial infections treatment. One medicine is called as doxycycline and its use is increasing day by day with the increase in numbers of bacterial diseases.

Let us discuss about the causes of bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are caused by touching, sneezing and eating with a person who is already a victim of a bacterial infection. Every person should keep himself save from those people who are suffering with any kind of bacterial disease. They should avoid touching them and keeping in a long contact with them. Besides this, people can turn their life styles healthy by adopting morning walk activity and healthy diet in daily routine. In such a way, you can also keep your body fit and healthy for all types of activities.

Doxycycline medicine is easily available in market and it is being sold under different brand names. When you will consult with your doctor regarding your bacterial infection problem then he will definitely recommend you doxycycline medicine. The name he writes in prescription will be that which is available in medical stores of your country. Doxycycline medicine has many brand names and it varies country to country. When you buying Doxycycline, the easy thing to remember this medicine is to remember it′s generic name i.e. doxycycline.

There are some important things which are told earlier to the use of any medicine. Some important instructions are given below regarding the use of doxycycline

  1. Doxycycline medicine can be used for both men and women but pregnant women should avoid it. If it is very necessary to treat a bacterial infection for a pregnant lady, then she should consult a professional and experienced doctor first before using this medicine.
  2. Sufficient water should be taken along with the use of doxycycline.
  3. Doxycycline not only used for bacterial infection treatment but it can be used for other purposes if it is prescribed along with other medicines.
  4. Doxycycline carries many side effects so the user must take knowledge about its side effects before starting its medication.

Antibiotics for Sinus Infection

An antibiotic is a fusion of two terms - "anti" & "bacterial". Therefore, an antibiotic is a mediator which destroys bacteria. According to the definition given by the Encarta Web Dictionary, ‘an antibiotic is a spontaneously generated substance which inactivates or destroys the bacteria, but is ineffective against viruses.’ Antibiotics stop the multiplication of the bacteria inside the body. Antibiotics for the treatment of sinus infection are really efficient. On the contrary, they can cause some unwanted and negative side effects and are definitely not efficient when take in large amounts. Because of these reasons sometimes, opting for a home-made remedy relevant to sinus infection is a good option.

The inbuilt immunity the body shields us against the bacterial infections. As soon as the signs of any infection are seen, the bacteria are destroyed by the antibodies. A healthy person has more capability to fight illness than a weak person. When the immune system is not strong, the body is not capable to fight infections and requires an additional push that appears in the outline of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are categorized as narrow-spectrum medicines after they act against only 1 or 2 kinds of micro-organisms. Conversely, antibiotics belonging to the broad-spectrum affect several types of bacteria. But, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics brings about the danger of supporting antibiotic weight. Because of this explanation, antibiotics of narrow spectrum are prescribed mostly which in turn are less expensive. Antibiotics of broad-spectrum are not prescribed until the health of the patient police demands it.

Some of the usual antibiotics consist of cephalosporins, penicillin, macrolides and fluoroquinolones. The bacteria present in the human body gets its nutrition from the nutrients which help their growth and reproduction. The bacteria produce more cell wall while growing. Penicillin stops the bacteria from generating cell wall, therefore, resulting in the bursting of bacteria. For sinus infections, amoxicillin is the most commonly used antibiotic.

Similarly, cephalosporins also interrupt the bacteria’s cell wall production. These are efficient antibiotics used against sinus infection. For common administration, Ceftibuten dehydrate is used which is a semisynthetic cephalosporin belonging to the 3rd age group. Macrolides do not destroy the bacteria but prevents their growth by forbidding their multiplication. This accelerates the operation of the immune system of the body. From the class of macrolides, clarithromycin and erythromycin are the commonly used antibiotics against sinus infection.

In the world of antibiotics, Fluoroquinolones are the latest entry which influences the replication process of DNA in the bacteria. Among this class, maxifloxacin is the most efficient antibiotic.

The selection of antibiotic is dependent on several factors which include the body’s ability to absorb the medicine, the resistance of the body to the drug, the type of infection and the price of the drug etc. The prescribed antibiotics differ from person to person according to their efficiency.

Therefore, the antibiotics which are used against sinus infections need to be used only when the doctor has prescribed after a detailed examination of the severity of the allergic reactions, illness and its side effects.

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