Erythromycin is used to treat infections caused by certain bacteria. It is also used to prevent bacterial endocarditis and attacks of rheumatic fever.

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A good health is the guarantee of happy life. People who are not medically fit face a lot of problems at their workplace. They cannot perform work effectively and thus ranked below in performance. Good performance at workplace makes the person prominent and chances of promotion increases. Considering this fact, people who experience frequent health related problems should think about their health. They should give proper attention to their medical fitness so that they can perform efficiently like others. It is a matter of fact that bad diet has ruined the health of majority of people. Although, they are aware of pros and cons of each kind of food but they still like to eat that because it tastes good. Junk food is best example of such diet which has become the part of their lives. In addition to this, the intake of food is quite higher than its consumption in different types of physical workout. This thing increases the chances of obesity. Obesity is itself a big problem and it also creates many other health issues too. These days health problems related to bacterial infection have increased very much. A lot of medicines are available in medical stores which are prescribed by doctors against bacterial infection treatment. Erythromycin is an anti bacterial infection medicine which works effectively. It both treats and prevents bacterial infection. This medicines can be prescribed by doctor for other purposes too which are not mentioned in its guide book.

Some medicines like ergotamine, pimozide, cisapride can dangerously affect the health when taken along with erythromycin. It is important for the patient to inform his doctor if he is already taking these medicines. His doctor will definitely change the treatment plan against bad effect of these medicines. Patient should also discuss the health problems he is already having along with bacterial infection. The doctor will change the dosage or type of medicine on the basis of other health problems patient is already suffering with. It has not bad effect on unborn child so it can be taken during pregnancy but must be informed to the doctor first. However, it can pass through breast milk and may harm baby. Patient should tell her doctor if she is breastfeeding her child. Erythromycin is recommended for adults but can be prescribed to child if doctor thinks it is safe for child.

The doctor may ask the patient to change erythromycin dosage to get best results. It is necessary to follow his instruction carefully and do as he asks to do. It will be beneficial for the patient health. Do not try to take any dose more than recommended as it can cause serious side effects. Any missed dose can be taken as soon as patient remembers. If the time of next dose is near, then missed dose can be skipped. Visit the doctor’s clinic regularly for complete medical checkup and ask if any health problem is still persisting.

A Break to the Antibiotic Cycle

There have been many instances where a person suffering from a bladder or sinus infection seeks medical assistance and ends up being prescribed an antibiotic. When the person stops taking the medication, many times the symptoms return which results in more trips to the doctor for another prescription. And sometimes without even realising it, the individual keeps shifting from one antibiotic to another stronger one in the hope of a solution, but the process only keeps getting repeated for a longer period of time. Other than this there might also be cases where the person takes antibiotics daily to keep the symptoms away.

This is a situation which is being faced by many. Antibiotics are a very well known class of prescribed drugs.

Major Causes of Infections

All infections are not similar in spite of having similar symptoms like general fatigue, aching, fever, discharge, redness, swelling and pain. Agents that are responsible for the infection are different:

Viruses: They are genetic codes in small pieces which enter a susceptible cell and take control of its functions, commanding the cells to make more viruses. These viruses are responsible of about 75% of all sinus, upper respiratory and ear infections.

Fungus: they are a certain type of mold. A special type of fungus called Candida albicans is found inside everybody’s body which is necessary to protect the body as well as break the food down in the intestines.

Bacteria: Bacteria are cells that may enter a body area and multiply in there. A bacterial infection may occur if the immune system is not strong enough.

Parasites: Uncooked pork products can lead to parasitical infections. About 1% of infections are caused from parasites.

The Way Antibiotics Work

Antibiotics are either general or specific. General antibiotics help in eliminating similar bacteria whereas specific antibiotics focus on one or two kinds of bacteria. Antibiotics attack bacteria; they look for foreign shells of cells and destroy them by creating a hole in the shell of the bacteria which causes its death. Sometimes, general antibiotics cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria and they might end up destroying them as well.

Is it Safe to Use Antibiotics Repeatedly?

When good bacteria get killed due to the use of antibiotics, digestion is disrupted and the good yeast gets more space to grow. This results in the over-growth of yeast which the antibiotics cannot kill, in turn resulting in diarrhoea and nutrient deficiencies. The immune system may slow down leading to many health problems. Chronic antibiotic usage can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Breaking the Cycle

Enhancing the immune system is a good start for breaking this chain. Herbal supplements like goldenseal, elderberry and Echinacea are very helpful. One must not take supplements to boost the immune system as it may confuse the immune system leading to auto-immune response. Using homeopathic medicines are very useful and safe which can restore the balance of the body’s healing mechanisms.

Sometimes it is necessary to look into the work or living environment as it may be causing the infection. Supplementing the diet of the person with Probiotics like acidophilus is also an approach to be looked forward to.

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