Imitrex (Sumatriptan) is used for treatment of migraine headaches. It targets the blood vessels and the nerves which cause the migraine headaches.

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Due to the hard work and hectic routine, many of the people suffer from severe kind of headache problem. In this regard, many of the tablets are available in market. Imitrex is the similar type of medicine used for headache problem and narrows the blood vessels around the brain. This medicine is also known by its generic name as Sumatriptan. Sumatriptan also reduces such kind of substances inside the body which are responsible of headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and other migraine symptoms. Migraine and cluster headache is very common in adults and can be treated with this medicine. This medicine only cures the headache that is already begun but not prevent from attacks or headaches. Common tension headache cannot be treated with this medicine so it is important to use this drug when you get confirmation by doctor as Migraine headache. Patient should not use this medicine if he had heart disease or coronary artery disease, blood circulation problems, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe liver disease, circulation problems affecting your intestines, history of a stroke or headache which seems to be different from Migraine headache. A harmful interaction of initrex can be happened if patient had used MAO inhibitor (isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, tranylcypromine) in last 14 days. If patient already used any other medicine for such problem then never use imitrex up to 24 hours. Patients may feel allergic problem with medicine so it is important to never use imitrex if you feel allergy. This medicine may show some side effects. Make it sure that it is safe for you and tell your doctor if you have seizure disorder, liver or kidney problem and high blood pressure. These side effects can be avoided if this medicine is taken as per doctor’s recommendation. Usually, those people get affected by side effects who do not follow doctor’s advice. In contract surgery, pupil may be affected so patient should tell the surgeon if she is using imitrex. It is not confirmed that whether it is safe for pregnant women or not. So, patient should tell the doctor if she is pregnant or planning for it. It has ability to pass into breast milk and patient should not breast feed with in 12 hour after taking this medicine. If patient used breast pump for milk collection, she should throw out the whole milk because that contain traces of medicine and can harm the baby. This medicine is not suitable for people younger than 18 years and more than 65 years old. Use the quantity of medicine as described by the doctor and do not change the medicine dosage without doctor prescription. Use the medicine immediately as you feel any headache symptoms or after the first attack. Do not crush or split the tablet into pieces. Swallow the whole tablets with the full glass of water. In severe condition, ask from doctor or contact to some emergency helpline.

It's Time To Review Your Lifestyle To Better Your Health

Whenever we refer to the health issues concerning women, we normally think of diseases or of pregnancy and childbirth etc. Women are very sensitive by nature and are biologically and emotionally different from men. The nutritional and other needs of women are different as compared to that of men. When we refer to the health of women, we have got to look at the aspects concerning mental health too, for this is a very important and sensitive area concerning women. Women are highly sensitive and tend to get upset or mentally and emotionally affected faster than men. What makes them so sensitive is the fact that they are highly emotional and the hormonal changes in the body of women too play an important role.

As more and more women are getting to be economically independent, they are able to pay attention to their health and well being. Today’s women are more aware of the health facts and the need for maintaining a fit body.

The fast paced environment and lifestyle of the present day calls for making a lot of changes to one’s lifestyle in order to maintain good health. The number of women suffering from gynecological problems has gone up considerably in the recent times. Many young women are reporting to suffer with multi cyst ovarian fibroids and problems associated with menstrual cycle. Obesity and thyroid deficiency too is catching up very fast amongst the young women leading to problems with menstruation.

Though the problems look very normal and minor, the same cannot be ignored or taken lightly. Such problems with menstrual cycle can hamper the ability of women to conceive. Besides obesity and thyroid deficiencies can lead to other complications such as exhaustion, fatigue, depression and mood swings etc. In extreme cases women tend to suffer from sleep disturbances and migraine too.

All of these problems call for change in lifestyle and adaptation in life. Along with medication, lifestyle changes need to include change in the diet and balancing the nutritional need of the body, adding physical exercise and activity as well as relaxation techniques including meditation or cultivation of hobbies like painting, music etc. Getting enough of sleep, reducing intake of coffee, alcohol as well as sugars and sweets is a must.

A happy frame of mind and peaceful life brings about the right body balance and hormonal balance. Most often it is the tensions, anxiety and pressures that we face in life that cause these imbalances leading to further problems.

Menopause is also known to cause depression and other menopausal syndromes. There are very many signs of fatigue, irritability, mood swings and depression seen just before the onset of menstrual cycle. There is medication available to beat the mood swings and depression with the help of anti depressants as well as hormonal therapy. Professional counseling too may be needed in some cases.

However, self help is the best help and prevention is better than cure. If the young women were to pay a little attention to their lifestyle and make the required changes to find the right balance, they can easily fight these issues themselves and enjoy better quality of life.

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