Levlen (Ethinyl estradiol/Levonorgestrel) is a contraceptive (birth control). It may be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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Drug Uses

Levlen (Levonorgestel) is a drug that prevents the pregnancy. It doesn’t allow ovulation and causes the cervical mucous to thicken, and as a result of that action it is harder for sperm to move toward the uterus. Buy only the generic Levlen. Levlen fit with active lifestyle, easy to use and confirmed drug.

How Taken

Take Levlen exactly as prescribed. Check the label or medical guidance that comes with it. For effectiveness use it at the same time each day. You can use it with or without food. If you have stomach pain – take it with meal. Ask your doctor any questions about Levlen. Don’t share this drug with other people, Levlen should be used only by people whom it is prescribed.

Missed Dose

If you miss the dose you can take it as remember, but if it is time for the nex dose, skip it. Don’t take extra dose to make up the missed one. Make some notes about your missed dose and check it with you doctor.

More Information

Levlen is a drug form of female hormone /progesterone/ involved in conception. Don’t mix Levlen with alcohol; avoid smoking when taking it (smoking will increase having heart problems). It is well known and confirmed medication of this class. Levlen is easy to use ad in most cases doe’s not cause undesired effects. We offer you the generic Levlen.

Possible Side Effects

Basically Levlen doesn’t cause side effect, but: headache, nausea, irregular vaginal bleeding, breast pain, acne, hair loss, unusual spotting or bleeding, stomach cramps or bloating, appetite changes, vomiting, rash or weight changes may occur. Call your doctor (pharmacist) if any of these or other side effect troubling you.

Due to limited resources, many couples are trying to have shortened family. In this way, they can fulfill all or their desires and requirements easily. For this purpose, they use different kind of protective gears like condoms and medicines. Levlen is one the medicine use for the similar purpose and very acceptable in couples. More over this medicine is also helpful for many of the other diseases if recommended by the doctor. This medicine is manufactured with the combination of the birth controlling medicines which prevents ovulation, changes the lining of the uterus and in altering cervical mucus. It is not suitable for any of those patients who have allergic problem with its ingredients. Patient should not use this medicine if she is planning for pregnancy or ever had a blood clotting problem in history. Chest pain, severity of blood clotting and heart problem situation does not allow the patient to use this medicine. It is not recommended for that patient who is unable to move and on a complete rest for a long period of time. Similarly, these same effects can be happened on patients of more than 35 years old and chain smokers who used about 15 cigarettes in a day. It is better to concern with doctor if patient is using any other medicine because some of the medicines may interact with Levlen. It is advised to tell your doctor if patient is pregnant or planning for it. Sometimes it is not recommended for the patients who are breast feeding or using any other prescribed or non-prescribed medicine. Tell your physician if you feel any sort of allergic problem due to this medicine or any food along it. this medicine should use after the doctor advice if patient uses tobacco, having over weight condition, given birth in last 4 weeks or had fort menstrual period. Some of the medicine like Atorvastatin, indinavir, or troleandomycin may increase the risk of the side effects along with the Levlen. Every time leaflet is given with the medicine and patient need to ask every question from doctor regarding better treatment. Patient can take this medicine with or without the food on each day at the specific time. Do not skip any dose and skipped dose should use as soon as possible. Use of the skipped medicine dose very close to the next timing may become an over dose and shows a serious side effects on body. Contact to the doctor or poison help line in case of any emergency. Try to store the medicine at room temperature on dry place and away from the approach of the children. Use the measured quantity of medicine with the help of measuring spoon otherwise patient can ask from physician about checking its measurement. Try to stop the use of alcohol while using this medicine. Alcohol has bad effects on health especially when you are taking this medicine to get rid of medical problems.

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