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Lipitor (Atorvastatin) is used with diet changes for reducing the amount of cholesterol and certain fatty substances in your blood.


Drug Uses

Lipitor /atorvastatin calcium/ is a cholesterol lowering medicine that reduces the risk of heart attack and stoke for patients with high cholesterol level; high blood pressure; people with heart diseases in family history and some other conditions determined by doctor. Usually Lipitor prescribed in combination with certain diet to lower the level of cholesterol.

How Taken

It is tablets to take by mouth. Check the label before using. Mainly it is 1 tablet per day that you can take with or without food. If you experience stomach pain take Lipitor with food. Follow the instructions of your pharmacists; don’t make any dosage changes without approval. It is recommended to take Lipitor at the same time each day.

Missed Dose

Take the missed dose as you remember. Talk to your doctor. Don’t take extra doses to catch up the missed one. Skip the missed dose if it is time for the next dose.

Keep Lipitor at 15-30°C /59-86°F/; away from children in a dry and dark place with no moisture and heat. Don’t store it in a bathroom.

More Information

Avoid using alcohol during the treatment and don’t use the grapefruit juice with Lipitor (it may lead to unlikely effect). Lipitor very effectively reduces the level of cholesterol in your blood, and as a result we have good blood flow and oxygen to supply brain, heart and all body. This medicine helps to prevent heart attacks, strokes, angina and heart diseases. Get the generic Lipitor.

Now parks are emptied and hospitals are full of patients because peoples have no time to do exercise. In this way their cholesterol level increases and cross the balance level of body mass index (BMI). This increased cholesterol level caused many of the diseases as heart problems, risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and other heart complications. This medicine is recommended for adults and children who are at least 10 years old. Medicine works by reducing the concentration of the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) and increase the quantity of good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL). This medicine is highly restricted in liver disease, pregnancy condition and breast feeding. Patient needs to stop taking medicine immediately as she becomes pregnant. It is mandatory to discuss with doctor if you are taking any other medicine because some of the medicine may interact with the Lipitor and disturb the health of the patient. As breakdown of the Skelton muscles and kidney failure can be caused due to the atorvastatin. Patient must call to the doctor if he or she feels any kind of muscle pain, tenderness, dark color urine, weakness and fever. This medicine is effective to reduce the quantity of the cholesterol in the body so it is better to stop taking any cholesterol diet to get a full result. More over patient should go for exercise and weight controlling diet in complete program of treatment. Follow such type of routine very strictly. This medicine might be not suitable in such conditions like muscle pain, a thyroid disorder, history of kidney disease, if you drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages daily and pregnant or breast feeding. It is an alarming situation when any patient use this medicine in pregnancy period because it s too much harmful for unborn baby and can cause many of the birth defects in newly born baby. In such case, stop taking the medicine and contact to the health provider immediately. On the other hand this medicine can pass into breast milk and can effect on baby through milk so Lipitor is not suitable for use in breast feeding. Always use the medicine according to the doctor directions. Doctor may change your dosage of medicine according to the patient condition and response of the medicine. Blood testing is too much important on frequent basis as doctor can check the response of medicine. It is not only the medical treatment but it also include exercise and diet plan to control the cholesterol level. Keep the medicine in cool and dry place at room temperature. Do not skip the medicine and use every dose on similar time of each day. In case of emergency, patient may contact to the doctor or poison helpline. There are many side effects which the user may get during medication. The best way to avoid its side effects is to use it as per doctor’s prescription. Do not take over dose of it. Discuss with your doctor if you have missed any dose.

Health And Fitness Program

Sorry to say that you will not get any pill in the market that helps you kip fit without undertaking physical exercises. You want to maintain a healthy status; where your mind functions well, where it looks like you can live for the next 100 years to come, you need to focus on health and fitness programs which you will find it in four basic components. Once you are able to stick to these four programs, basically, there will be no other health fitness program that can challenge you in any way.

Below are key factors in any health and fitness program:

4. Nutritional workout. It is amidst the considered part of any diet or nutritional plan. Therefore at all cases, it is important that you strongly value your diet. What you eat compared to how much you can in a day makes the difference. You need to visit a nutrition where you will be examined and told what to and not to eat. However, there are basic options that you can opt for even prior to opting visiting a nutritionist. The basics include, examine the daily intake of salts, sugars, cholesterol, caffeine (coffee and tea) etc.

3. Mental fitness. How can you attain mental fitness? Its simple, that simply means mental exercise. The things that you do directly reflect the particular deed that goes on in your mind. Owing to this factor, you will unveil that in any health and fitness program, you need mental exercise compared to the other forms of exercise. Amid the money ways that you can facilitate mental exercise is through, reading the testimonies of successful individuals who have passed through fitness programs. Other references include, reading motivational books and blogs that increases you will-power.

2. Physical exercise. You will never found any health and fitness articles that lacks physical exercise in their program. As much, this activity can only be achieved after you have exposed you body to physical exercises. As a result, a life’s energy is increased and that leaves you as a lively person full of reality. Moreover the strenuous undertaking increases the amount of stamina that helps tackle any form of life challenges. Owing to this, it is important that you make physical training a key factor in your schedules. Undertaking the exercise on weekends a lone does not help. Even though the process requires that you carry it steadily, it should be consequently.

However, the kind of physical exercise that you should undertake should be respective of you age, physical characteristics and medical reasons. The activities include jugging, jumping, running, walking etc.

1. For you to attain ay positive result from health programs of any kind you need to show commitment. If you lack the quality of perseverance, it’s open that you cannot stick to any fitness program. Commitment can at times be defined as the devotion you are willing to let into the particulars that you intent to undertake. For that reason, exercise devotion of a kind in any health and fitness program.

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