Topamax (Topiramate) is used to treat certain kinds of seizures in patients 2 years of age or older. It is also prescribed to prevent migraine headache in adults.

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Topamax - the first choice of doctors for migraine treatment

Many health problems have now become the part of our lives. Some health problems are quite common like cough, nausea and fever but some health issues take much time for proper treatment. AIDS, Cancer and Hepatitis are few of those uncommon health issues which can greatly affect the health of a person. It is a fact that greater numbers of people are getting health issues because they are not serious about their health. They do not follow their doctor′s advice regarding diet and healthy activities. By following the doctor′s advice, people can prevent many health issues easily.

Here I am going to tell you about the treatment of migraine by the use of Topamax. Migraine is an advance form of headaches in which the affected person feels very uncomfortable. The patient of migraine can fell down on floor anytime after getting migraine headaches. There are many kinds of medicines which are available in market for migraine treatment but only few of them are effective. Topamax is one of the effective medicines which can be used by the patient for migraine treatment. This medicine is effective for adults and teenagers older than 12 years.

There are certain conditions in which the use of Topamax is not recommended. The use of Topamax can harm unborn baby during pregnancy, but having migraine attacks during pregnancy can affect both unborn baby and mother. The patient must tell the doctor in this condition and ask whether she can use this medicine or not. The doctor may recommend her different medicine during this condition. Keep in contact with your doctor while taking this medicine during pregnancy. Go for routine checkup and ask about your recent health condition from doctor.

Although, the use of Topamax is quite safe to use but it has some effects on vision. Get immediate medical help if you feel any change in vision after its use. This could be severe if not attended by the doctor at right time. Topamax use is only recommended as per doctor′s prescription. Do not stop taking Topamax without consulting your doctor first. Topiramate is the basic ingredient of Topamax. Patient should avoid taking this medicine if he/she is allergic to its basic ingredient. Before the use of Topamax, tell your doctor if you are already having following medical problems

  • Diabetes, or any metabolic problem
  • Irregular breathing problem
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Sick with diarrhea
  • Depression and mood problems

Your doctor will also ask about the medicines you are taking. Brief him about your medical history so that he can understand your medical condition in a better way and prescribe you right dose of right medicine. The use of Topamax can get different side effects caused by its use but it is not necessary that every user of Topamax will get any of its side effects. Side effects of medicines are usually concerned with the wrong use of prescribed medicine. For better results, it must be used according to prescription.

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