Zyban (Bupropion) is used for helping to quit smoking.

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Zyban - the medicine to feel comfortable in depression

The hectic routine of people is making them depress. We find many cases in our daily routines in which we find 7 out of 10 people depressed. It is a great ratio of people suffering from depression. Moreover, depression also becomes the cause of many other health problems which should not be the part of your health. Depression causes diabetes and heart diseases which are nearly impossible to cure. These health issues sometimes become the cause of patient′s death.

People suffering from depression start smoking to get some relief without knowing that they are damaging their health in another way. Many psychological doctors have presented their ideas which can be followed to reduce the level of depression. Some of them are spending most of the time with family, go for morning walk and do some health stuffs which can make you happy. However, it is not easy for people to follow what psychologists are recommending. They find easy to get relief in smoking.

Many people when think about their life find smoking bad for their health and then they try to stop smoking. But stop smoking is not as easy as starting it. The body desires for nicotine when a person do not smoke and then it becomes very difficult for the person to control over him without cigarette. A medicine name Zyban specially made for those people who want to get rid of smoking. This medicine reduces the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and helps the person to have better control over body when he is trying to quit smoking. Your doctor can also recommend you this medicine for other purposes too which have not been mentioned here.

There are some important guidelines to use Zyban. Do not take this medicine if you have eating disorder, have seizures. This medicine is not recommended if you are already taking Wellbutrin against depression. There are many other cases in which your doctor will never recommend you the use of Zyban. Considering this, you must talk to your doctor if you want to use this medicine. Do not take it if your doctor does not prescribe you this medicine. Your doctor is aware of your health condition better than you. He knows better which medicines can give you better results and which are not.

During the medication, keep your doctor aware of your health condition. Your doctor may start you with lower dose of this medicine. Tell him if you are getting any side effect. Also contact him if you are using this medicine for more than 3 days are not finding betterment in your body. People who are allergic to any of the chemicals present in this medicine should not take it. Inform your doctor about it so that he can change your medicine. Pregnant women or patients with heart diseases should take it as per their doctor′s recommendation. Hopefully, you will get desired results in a few weeks after starting medication of Zyban.

Smoking Kills Men

In general it is explained as when a person use tobacco or cannabis type of substance and burn them for inhalation or for taste is known as smoking. These types of substances are responsible for generating nicotine after combustion and these materials then absorb to the men’s lung and create health problem. a part of rituals can be done from it for the induction of trances and spiritual enlighten. In the recent days, cigarette is the most common type of smoking. it is manufactured initially in any industrial unit and then pack it through hand rolled through loss tobacco. According to the latest research it is found that life of a smoker decreased up to 14 years as compare to the non smoker person. Now a biggest number of people are addicted from this problem and according to estimation 1.1 billion smokers is in the world in which 300 million men belongs from china. Moreover a British scientist added that each cigarette in the men life decreased 11 minutes of men’s life. on the other hand smoking also reduce the supply of blood inside the skin which is responsible for decreasing the vitamin a. as a result men get paler effect on the skin and wrinkles appeared on skin additionally. About 3000 death recorded due to the second hand smoking, according to the research. Second hand smoking means the death of family members, colleagues, relatives or friends who remain in contact with him for a longer period of time. About 7 deaths are noted in the last one minute due to the smoking and it is clear from this estimation that each death happened in each 8 seconds interval of time. There are many diseases like lung cancer, blood pressure, heart attack, skin and mouth cancer which can occur due to the smoking habit. In total, about 7.9% lung patients are due to the smoking problem. There are many serious and clear indications are available which shows the addiction of any person for cigarette. It is very dangerous and symptoms of addiction if a person smoke more than seven cigarettes in a day. Use of cigarette having nicotine more than 0.9 mg, deep and frequent inhalation while smoking, start of smoking within 30 minutes, after getting up in morning, use of the cigarette in restricted area for smoking and smoking even suffering from any disease are some high level of symptoms which indicate about men’s cigarette addiction. Although smoking is not a good habit because it gives pleasure for a few minutes but it creates consistent problem for health. Chemicals use in the tobacco products are too dangerous and lower the supply of oxygen to the heart. As a result men suffer from fatigue and tension especially in any physical activities. More over it can also be disturb the cells in arteries or blood vessel with the passage of time. This problem may lead the person towards serious diseases like heart diseases, lung diseases, lung and other cancers, diabetes, impotence, gum diseases and blindness.

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