Zyrtec (Cetirizine) is used to treat and relieve the symptoms of seasonal, perennial allergies and hives (urticaria). It is similar to Claritin and Allegra.

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Zyrtec use for different allergic conditions

We all are aware of the busy routine of people. In this life, they have become so much busy that they doo not find enough find for their own health. Since majority of people do not care about their own health, they become the victim of several health diseases. Itching, runny nose and watery eyes are some of those issues which appear as a result of some allergic problem. In order to treat this health issue, doctors recommend the use of Zyrtec. This medicine is being used by majority of people as it is quite effective against above mentioned issues. Zyrtec is basically an antihistamine that has the capability to reduce the effect of histamine. This histamine is basically responsible for water nose, sneezing, itching and runny nose. By reducing the histamine effects, one can easily control over these problems.

Zyrtec has multiple uses which have been told earlier. Besides this, it is also used to treat swelling and itching caused by urtcaria or hives. It can also be used with other medicines and for this medical guidelines are necessary to read. Zyrtec has side effects too and one should be careful before taking this medicine. If you are driving and doing something that needs your attention then you should not take this medicine at that time. Taking this medicine can increase dizziness effect which can be harmful for you if you are doing something critical. Alcohol use along with Zyrtec is not recommended at all. This can increase the side effects of Zyrtec on your body which you should avoid at any cost. Take this medicine as per your doctor′s prescription and call him immediately if you start experiencing something unusual with your body.

It is important to note that every medicine cannot be as good as any other medicine is. It is possible that you might not get desired results with this medicine. In such case, you should talk to your doctor. He may change the medicine or the dose of this medicine. Tell your doctor about each and everything related to your health. If you are already suffering from any health problem then use of this medicine may not be suitable for you. Pregnant women should be very careful in taking this medicine. Do not forget to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. The chemical in this medicine, Cetirizine, may leak into breast milk and can harm the baby.

Take the recommended dose of Zyrtec with a glass of water. Do not chew it or swallow it as it will not work in a better way if you swallow or chew it. Do not take over dose of medicine. Some people try to take over dose of a medicine in order to get desired results in a shorter time period. It is a fact that taking overdose of a medicine can increase the chance of side effects to manifolds. Only recommended dose of Zyrtec should be used.

Drug Uses

The Zyrtec is one of the general antihistamines against allergic reactions or high fewer or other environmental influence. To be specific the Zyrtec prevents sneezing, runny nose, watery (itchy) eyes.

How Taken

You take it orally, mainly 1 tablet per day. Also you can drink the Zyrtec regularly if you have often allergy symptoms.

Missed Dose

When miss the dose drink the Zyrtec when remember, but if it’s next dose time, just skip the missed dose. Follow the doctors instruction, don’t take double dose or less dose.

More Information

Zyrtec is very effective against chronic urticaria. It is for adults and children over 6 month. It causes less drowsiness than other drugs, and because of that it is popular.


Keep it in dry and dark place away from children.


The written information about Zyrtec is general one, there are no specific data and we don’t take any responsibility.


If overdose suspected find immediately the medical care, call to your doctor. Mainly if overdose: extreme sleepiness, confusion and weakness.

Possible Side Effects

The possible side effects could be difficult breathing, face or tongue or lips swelling and closing the throat.

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